Know Your Limitations and Overcome Them

Gary and Mary Young
Mary Young has said many times that success has nothing to do with personality, it’s about having a burning desire.

When you’ve been raised a certain way—you know it can be a limitation. When you realize that you were never complimented, you also know it might be difficult for you to compliment people. Then you remind yourself that you have to compliment more frequently until you develop that habit. A lifetime later, I still have problems complimenting people, so I have to work at that.

We all have these little things that can limit our success. Learn to write them down and then learn how to overcome them by going the extra mile. And folks, we can! I could sit back and say, “My dad never complimented me. I can’t compliment anybody, so I’m a failure.” All of us have all the excuses in the world to fail, and that’s the easiest thing to do: fail.

Attitude is your emotional approach to life. It is the framework through which you see events, see other people, and even see yourself. Attitude is very, very important.

Others may say the key is personality or strategy. I’ve heard Mary talk many times when she’s been giving presentations about building a business. She says success has nothing to do with your personality; it’s about having a burning desire.

I’ve seen people that absolutely swore they couldn’t sponsor someone into Young Living, and yet they can give you a sales pitch about their home like nobody’s business! So what made the difference? Their attitude

2 thoughts on “Know Your Limitations and Overcome Them

  1. Dear Gary
    You are absolutly true! To go forward is the key to success! Never look back! Live in the present and not in the past! Then You will find your success!

    And feel the power in your heart, it is the power of love, wisdom and power, this flame will lead You to success!

    Thank You very much for Your being!

    Sabine Wiedenbruch

  2. Thanks for this inspiration.
    I join YL in 2010 with the purpose of helping my husband thru his battle with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as Lou Gehrig\’s Disease)

    We have been using the oils and he is now in year 3 and thriving as much as he can and it is because of the oils… we know this.

    With regards to the business I have just started really working by business because we are a living testament that these oils keep away the mucus in his lung and we use as many of the oils that I can afford that has to do with nerves and respiratory.

    Your article inspires me to continue sharing our story with others and so everyone can start to see the result in their own lives and then MAKE A DECISION.

    Thanks to GARY and family and all that you do for families around the globe.

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