Gary’s Caravan Dream

Camel caravan
Here is your opportunity to participate in Gary's World Peace Caravan.

When I was in Arabia filming four years ago, I had a dream, which was connected to the Arabian research I had been doing that had resulted in my novel, The One Gift.

In this dream I saw the captains of three small caravans merge them into one. That caravan was headed to a city I thought was Bethlehem. When I had this dream, I thought, “Well, my goodness; how fun it would be to create a reenactment of the Three Magi taking gifts to the Christ child for Christmas in 2012.”

I shared my dream with my wife, and she said, “Yeah, Gary, get real; like you’ve got time for that.” So I put it on the back burner and never gave it much thought.

Then when we went back and were filming 3½ years ago, I had the dream again; and the dream took on a little more size, shape, and form. So I shared it with Mary again, and she said, “Oh come on, Gary; when are you going to do that?”

And I said, “Yeah, you’re right, honey.” So I put it on the back burner again.

Last June 1, I had just gotten off the phone talking to my friends Dr. Mahmoud Suhail in Oman and Dr. HK Lin in Oklahoma about our frankincense project and how they were both coming to our convention. I said, “After convention I’ll take you salmon fishing.” They were very excited.

I went to bed and dreamed about salmon fishing, even to the point where I’d hooked this big Chinook in the Salmon River, and it was taking line down the rapids. I was standing in the boat fighting this big salmon. The sun came out from behind a cloud and blinded me, and everything went absolutely white. I put up my hand trying to shade the sun out of my eyes, hang on to this salmon, and fight the line at the same time. All of a sudden the sun went behind a cloud, the light came out of my eyes, and I was able to see again. However, when I looked back to see where my line was, the river was gone, the line was gone, and there was a trail where the line used to be—and coming up the trail was a caravan.

7 thoughts on “Gary’s Caravan Dream

  1. Hello Gary Young, I believe your dream represents you, Dr. Suhail and Dr. Lin as the three caravans merging together as one. You are merging, joining together on a common journey, to bring forth a gift. Don’t prevent the Son (sun) from showing you the next step, but instead allow His light to show you the trail, the path to move forward on. The journey continues!
    I pray this blesses and encourages you.
    Sandy Koulias

  2. Yes, Gary. And then you envisioned you had to walk this trail & to bring Sacred Frankincense, Gold (Balsam), and Myrrh in Arabia, and asked them to cease fire. And you decided you have to do it!! Hurray for you!
    Love from Hong Kong.

  3. The prophetic recurring dream is sacred. I have one burned in my brain & in my heart.

    We will soon be experiencing the time when these messages will be put into motion. We don’t know exactly why or when, but continued faith & diligence in God’s Will will soon reveal the actions we must take.

    God Bless you Gary, Mary & those you hold dear.

  4. I love this!! Follow your dream! I believe that this dream is something you need to pursue…you are being lead to where it all began!!


  5. Hi, Gary,
    I’m following the trail of the World Peace Caravan. I’ve posted your recent blogs on the SingPeace! website. We’re about crafting a culture of peace through music. I’ll bet some of our singing and songweaving troupe would love to make this journey with you! I’ll be there!

  6. Hi Gary and Mary, and YL Staff, I’m Nancy (Sanderson’s) 2012-joined distributor….(Gary, I shook your hand at the beginning of the 2012 Convention).

    Just got back from (my 2nd) SLC Convention. Told Nancy it was even 2xs better than last year!!

    Gary, I totally BELIEVE in your dreams, which you shared above–as some of us “Convention-ites” discussed among ourselves, with the CRYING NEED FOR PEACE in the Middle East….

    We’ve gotta do SOMEthing different…like the Peace Caravan…extraordinary idea in these extraordinary times!

    So sign me up! My dream/goal (as related to Nancy after Convention) is that my 4 brilliant kids (1/2 Middle Eastern heritage) could go on the Peace Caravan with me: Maria, Joey, OMAR, Sara! What a family spiritual/medical/historical/adventure that could be!!

    So Gary, I am already bilingual Eng/Span, and constantly working on building advanced Spanish vocabulary and verb-forms, soooo guess my idea?

    You got it! I will now commence a study of ARABIC, pronto! Rapido! Just thought you might like to know.

    I already know how to say a sentence in ARABIC (which I self-composed 30 years ago, and told Arab relatives, whom I am related to, by marriage.):

    “Your father is a tomato.”–“Abuch bandura”!!

    P.S. I have studied Ballet, Tap, Waltz, Western, Clogging, Hula, International Folk Dancing, Brazilian, ZUMBA, BALLET FOLKLORICO, and…(since we’ll be in the neighborhood…and a bit anathema to devout Moslems…Belly Dancing!) P.P.S. I am NOT a pro in any of the above. And…maybe an extra-modest version of Belly Dancing would further Middle Eastern Dialogue….? You never know….P.P.P.S. I have 3-Year Certificates as a (Hispanic Ministry) Deaconess…Scripture r’us!!!!

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