You Only Live Now

dropping oil into hand
Gary teaches how to apply Belief and Highest Potential blends while you affirm “I will win, I am winning, I have won” to program a powerful thought for your success.

It’s all right here in our cell structure, so think the thought, “I can win this race.”  Then identify what the race is: “I am running the race to become the next Silver, or the next Gold, or Platinum, or Diamond, or Crown Diamond. I’m running the race and I want to win.”

So you simply rub the essential oil blends of Belief and Highest Potential on your temples and cup your hands over your nose and breathe. Rub it on the locus coeruleus, the brain stem, which is your circuit switchboard operator. Then breathe and make the statement, “I will win, I am winning, I have won.”  Take yourself from the future back to the present time. If you don’t write down your statements and state them in the present time, they will have no effect, because you are not living yesterday, and you are not living tomorrow. You are not living 60 seconds from now. You only live now.

Once this information is delivered, a chain reaction takes place, creating many biochemical events in the cell by directing a number of activities, from the manufacturing of new proteins to making decisions about cell division.

It’s really exciting when we think about this. You just programmed a very powerful thought towards your success.

After you have programmed that, you have encoded the frequency of the spoken word, and you have encoded the frequency of the oil that has stimulated the electromagnetic energy associated in the ligands and the molecules to the receptor site. So now you’ve got receptors that are just humming like bumblebees with four wings.