The Transforming Power of Frankincense

Gary Young on Frankincense Trail
Just imagine the power found in this golden nugget of frankincense resin!

As you are diffusing Transformation, it will stimulate the receptors in the limbic system and will open up the pineal gland. You will start to have feelings and thoughts, and maybe you will even see in a dream state ideas or visions of what can happen in your life. When we look at some of the oils in Transformation, we become excited.

First, let’s look at frankincense. We know the power of frankincense. We know how it supports  the immune system, how it builds and improves the lymphatic system, how it’s a cleanser, and how it’s a regenerator. Wow, what a phenomenal oil!

The research that is now coming out of universities on cellular integrity is impressive, and Dr. HK Lin and the Young Living team just finished publishing our paper on frankincense and breast health on PubMed last December. We have seen phenomenal research at the clinic in Ecuador and in what Dr. Suhail, our partner and the manager of our distillery in Oman, is finding.

The power of frankincense is astounding!

2 thoughts on “The Transforming Power of Frankincense

  1. When he came to my home to live the last year of his life, my father had multiple-myloma, a very painful cancer. Nine month before he died he became bed bound and I place a diffuser full of frankincense in his room. The affects were amazing to me. My dad took pain pills when he would go into the hospital and which only helped a little. But when he came home and had the diffuser going he had very little (or no) pain. My father never knew I had the Frankincense in his room. He simply knew that he did not hurt when he was there.

  2. Dear Gary,
    I’ve been reading about The power of Frankincense and Dr Hin’s studies. I was just diagnosed with Breast cancer in Breast and Lymph tissure, have not made decision on what to do, because I don’t know what to do. Have been using your oils for years and would like to know more about the Protcol for breast cancer. If you can help point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate your help. In Health, Judy Bomar

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