The Transforming Power of Balsam Fir & Cardamom

Gary Young skidding logs at balsam fir harvest
Gary skidding logs at the balsam fir harvest to ensure the supply of this powerful essential oil.

When I conducted research with Dr. Jaime L. Matta in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1996 on DNA and RNA, frankincense, sandalwood, and balsam fir were the three oils that were the most powerful for transforming of DNA and RNA. So of course in Transformation, we also have balsam fir.

We can start to see the structure of how these oils work in helping to eradicate that bad encoded information. If you say your affirmations in a positive note while you’re breathing in frankincense or Transformation, it will encode that new information and empower you to go forward and do the things that maybe you have felt unsure of, limited in, insecure about, or whatever. Transformation is a powerful oil blend to help you overcome those limitations.

Transformation also has cardamom, and a lot of times I’ve been asked, “Why would you put cardamom in Transformation?” Well, studies suggest that essential oils are extremely powerful in augmenting brain function and increasing the oxygen uptake of the brain. If the brain is deficient in oxygen, then you might experience depression, low thyroid function, and low pituitary output.

I believe cardamom is really powerful in helping to increase the oxygen uptake in the brain and just move you towards a more positive attitude as well.

2 thoughts on “The Transforming Power of Balsam Fir & Cardamom

  1. thanks for the explanation of why cardamon & also the pts. to remember about balsam fir: “augmenting brain function & increasing oxygen uptake” … very very important.

    cardamon is a little warming, too; what a great combination transformation is!!

    thank you YLEO!!

  2. My son who is 14 has battled tourettes disorder since he was 3. It is so sad that now his tics are so bad that he doesn’t want to be around people. He opens his mouth very wide and just holds it open in the middle of a sentence. He nods his head uncontrollably, it interferes with his speech and causes him to be unable to read verbally or silently if his head is constantly moving. We are using some of the oils but aren’t getting results we had hoped for. Can you suggest anything

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