Running on Fumes? Get Enzymes!

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You can recapture the energy you had as a child. Get enzymes!

Essentialzyme is a complex of animal enzymes and plant enzymes including pancreatin-X, which is the strongest protein enzyme that exists. Your pancreatin enzymes help regulate the function of the pancreas and regulate glucose and insulin needs, and every aspect of it has a specific function.

So, if you want to stay well, then build your enzyme reserves. If you have an allergy, build your enzyme reserves.

I had a beautiful lady the other day say to me that she takes 20 to 30 enzymes a day and is still having a problem. So I made a real simple analogy. I said that if you have a car with a 21-gallon tank on it and you run out of gas, you have to pull over and park. If you put 1 gallon of gas in it, how far are you going to get before you run out of gas again?

So for those of you starting out, your gas tank may be empty, and putting three or four enzymes in it is like putting a gallon of gas in it. You might get down the road a little ways, but you’re still going to have problems. You need to build up your enzyme reserves. It might take two years to reestablish that balance in your digestive tract, and up to two years could be a minimal time. If you have allergies, it might take you three years. If you have an illness, it might take you five years if you have depleted your enzyme reserves—particularly if you’re over the age of 40.

2 thoughts on “Running on Fumes? Get Enzymes!

  1. I decided to try your enzymes, for 1 week, at triple of the daily recommended just to see if I could tell any difference from the enzymes I have been taking.
    At the end of the week it dawned on me that I had not had to pay special attention or even think of my stomach/ digestion even 1 time. So I decided to give it the acid test and put something in my stomach made of white flour. N negative response. So I decided to put some wheat bread in my stomach. No negative response! So I decided to eat some chocolate cake since I’ve not had cake since learning my digestive issues were due to gluten intolerance almost 3 years ao now. I was blown away. My family was blown away.
    I’m a believer! Give me the Younk Living enzymes over all the others I have taken in the past 8 years.

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