On the Path to Spiritual Healing

frankincense tree
Begin your spiritual and emotional healing with the powerful fragrance of frankincense essential oil or the exquisite blend The Gift.

We have identified an element called emotions, which gives us power over ourselves. Because we have more information, we can do more. Emotional and spiritual healing with oils—is it possible? Yes! Begin your path with frankincense or the blend The Gift. Rub it on the brain stem. Stimulate the opening of the locus coeruleus and give yourself a couple of minutes just to feel the feeling and experience the emotions that start to come up. Stay in a quiet, still place. No candles burning, no music playing.

When I go in for a massage or a therapy session, the first thing they do is put on a tape or a disc for music, and I turn it off because it’s extremely offensive to me. I want to hear silence because only in silence can you hear the real sound and receive the real messages. We use noise to escape. We use noise to avoid dealing with issues. Emotions cause pain in the mind, the body, and the separation of the spirit.

How many of you have felt pain and then felt really spiritual at the same time? I’ve heard it said many times, “I can’t believe how spiritual she is when she is racked with so much pain.”

Folks, I have had pain to where I have attempted to take my life. I know what pain is to the nth degree. I did not feel spiritual in that level of pain. When you are healthy is when you feel spiritual. I have said to people that have made that statement to me, “Yes, everyone can have a level of spirituality in pain, but how much greater would the level of spirituality be if that person were not in pain? Pain is bondage, not freedom.”

7 thoughts on “On the Path to Spiritual Healing

  1. I agree entirely with you about the sanctity of silence and the power to HEAR what needs to be heard in that silence. The VOICE within that silence is God. We just completed the Alignment to God series with Essential Oils and it was in the SILENCE following each clearing prayer as we all sat STILL that the empowerment was felt and heard. 🙂

  2. I agree entirely with you concerning the power of silence. It is in that silence that we hear the voice of God. We just completed the Alignment to God Series with Essential Oils. It was in the silence following each clearing that the empowerment was felt and heard. None of us wanted to leave that silent space.

  3. Pain is emotional response from each individual person. It is subjective. There are many types of pain of the physical and emotional plane. We are all human and fall short of how we handle that pain. I believe that we must go through a process to reach that higher realm. It’s all how you accept that pain. How can I use this pain, what am I to learn from this? No one likes pain, but without it you wouldn’t enjoy happiness, Without the negative you wouldn’t recognize the positive; or even enjoy it. You would take it for granted and you would not grow spiritually. When we are in pain we seek our higher power which I choose to say is God. So then you can open yourself up to the spiritual message you are to receive. Being receptive to hear what the angels and God are trying to say. Look around and be still the messages are all around us we just have to listen and be aware. They are always speaking to us. Open your eyes and you will hear and see.

  4. Thank you sooooo much Gary to have shared this with us. It is soooo true. We are blessed to have someone like you in our lives.

  5. In the silence that’s where everything exists as well as nothing at all!
    It’s beauty at it’s best!
    It’s harmony at it’s core!

    We all arose out of that silence and to it we will return, in our wake, in our sleep, in our pain and in our joy, it is the foundation that all else exists upon.

    So go on and embrace the silence, make it your friend today and everyday!

    Some may call it God, Creator, Creation, Divine, Source or Universe – no matter what you choose to call it, it’s all the same to me.

    I like Universe because that’s where all the Knowledge and Wisdom exists, on earth we created something to reflect this truth in form and we call it Universities!! Go Figure – the differnce is it’s costs nothing to Attend the Universe – entry fee – a few breaths, focus and intent!!

    Love to all!

    Thanks Gary for all you do!

    Be well,
    Michelle LeRoy
    Energy Medicine Practitioner
    Intuitive Spiritual Counselor
    Holistic Youth Life Coach

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