Molecules in Motion

Child jumping for joy
The exuberant energy of a child is much like the true form of energy: molecules in motion.

We are affected by emotions. In 1972 Candace Pert, PhD, discovered what is called the opiate receptor on the surface of the cells in the body and brain, which was the first documented receptor. 

Membrane fusion. How do oils work with emotion? By creating a membrane fusion and passing through and connecting with the receptor sites on the neurons in the body. The neuropeptides of emotions align with the molecules of essential oils, simply because they are made up of similar chemistry and thus are able to fuse into the cells. 

Molecules in motion.  They never stop moving because they are the true form of energy, until life ceases to exist. 

The vehicles that connect with the receptors are called ligands. Their purpose is to bump receptors, producing a vibration until they find a matching receptor. Do you know what essential oils already contain within them? Frequency. Speaking of which, isn’t frequency vibration? Just in a different language. So essential oils don’t have to go bumping along the gravel road, because essential oils are electromagnetic energy. You put the oil within the electromagnetic field of the human body, and it will already start to make adjustments.

4 thoughts on “Molecules in Motion

  1. Coincidentally, I was just talking about this neuro-chemical stuff and the movie “What the Bleep Do I Know?” in relationship to this subject and addictions in general. Why would God make an opiate receptor if there was nothing to fill it? What is supposed to really fill it? What happens when a chemical fits the lock and key mode?
    Another thing which is my real question: does the enzyme formula or formulas you put together have nattokinase or serrepeptase in them. I have done some research on this because I’ve heard that they dissolve scar tissue (like in kidney damage or benign tumor). I used lemongrass in Ningxia Red to help my kidneys get rid of excess calcification and it seemed to help. I had pain in February and March but it seemed to clear and no more pain since. Then I was having bladder trouble, but no pain. Then I got a special Chinese massage that helped the Kidney meridians and that helped also. I have recently had ultra sound for the bladder and kidneys as well. I do not know what they saw as yet. I have had a couple of severe blows to the right kidney so that was my concern. Supposedly the damage cannot be repaired until these enzymes were discovered. More on that later.

  2. Hello! I’ve discovered your blog recently and enjoy it quite much. Essential oils and vibrations! How cool to find a blog that connects the two together!
    As for opiate receptors, I read a bit about that these last weeks but it was in some articles about gluten and its opioid peptids…

  3. Because you’ve had trauma to your right kidney you probably have tight fascial tissue in that area. You may want to check out Dr. Barry Gillespie’s website: to learn about how to loosen that area so your body can heal. I recently attended Dr. Gillespie’s class in Pennsylvania and found it to be valuable training. I realize his emphasis is for newborn babies, but all ages can benefit from CFT. CFT and YL essential oils go hand in hand. God bless you.

  4. Along the lines of tightened fascia – I’ve been enjoying “The Ming Method,” a book about how to prepare for and then how to engage in stretches that target fascia throughout the whole body. Fascinating. The physical therapist who wrote it studied ART and has worked with sports injuries.

    I’ve also noticed that a few days into using YL essential oils, I feel less pain and more flexibility.

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