Make This Your Year of Transformation

Baby sitting in lavender field
Just as this baby girl has most of her life ahead of her, you have more than eight months ahead of you to make 2012 your year of Transformation!

We have been going through more than three years of a real economic crisis in the world, and some forecasters are telling us that 2012 is going to be worse. They’re saying that more people will be out of work, more homes will be lost, and more businesses will collapse. These forecasters are preaching a lot of doom and gloom.

However, I look around me and I don’t see the doom and gloom. We do have a tendency to see what we look for, so I look for excitement; I look for growth; I look for success; and I look for discovery, research, and accomplishments. If you’re busy looking at these things, it’s pretty hard to see the doom and gloom and the economic crisis. They will still affect us, but if we want to transform our lives, then we have to focus on transforming our attitudes–and that’s why I’ve chosen Transformation for the theme for 2012.

Part of that is transforming from the negative aspects of our attitudes and thinking to the positive ones. Now does that mean that the negative thoughts will go away? Not all of them. But they will certainly diminish and the positive thoughts will become your primary focus, so what you’re focused on will become your reality.

We have a wonderful oil blend called Transformation. Use this oil blend in a diffuser in your home to set up the frequency for transformation while you write down your goals for 2012—what you want to accomplish, where you want to be with your health, with your belief system, your attitude, or your financial condition. Maybe it’s even your marital status or your personal feelings. Just write down where you are now, where you want to be, and what you would like to become through this transformational year. You still have most of the year ahead of you, so start now!

8 thoughts on “Make This Your Year of Transformation

  1. Great ideas. I am forced to work with nay sayers, and negative thinkers, and I’m certainly guilty at times too to join in, but I appreciated coming across this today and hope to foster this kind of philosophy in the work force

  2. I couldn’t agree more! What we focus on definitely does become our reality! I was introduced to Young Living almost 3years ago and began focusing my attention on Young Living instead of all the “doom and gloom.” when I began with Young Living I smoked a pack of cigarettes every day, and had for 10 years! Young Living helped me quit! Without prescriptions or patches! I was overweight! (245lbs) I joined the Slique Challenge and have currently transformed myself 25lbs! What a difference! My confidence is growing and I feel great! I began sharing the Young Living business opportunity when I first saw the impact of the products in my own life. That choice has taken myself and my fiancé Alina from struggling to make ends meet, to having financial freedom in just over 2 years!!
    Young Living has truly, radically changed our lives for the better! We are so blessed to have Gary Young and his family at the head of this amazing company! We are excited to continue our journey of personal growth and development with Young Living! Thank you Gary for all that you do for us!
    What you focus on really does become your reality!

  3. 2012 is definitely a yr of transformation for me, the first 5 months though difficult at times, have been the best of my life.
    I keep one thing in mind; although a challenging feeling may bring fear to the surface, it is truly a blessing. For what else is the feeling of Love but one of God’s Blessings.

    Loss of a job? an opportunity to follow my heart.
    A tender feeling? a blessing.
    I can transform the fear to Love and Opportunity.
    This what I choose, and I choose Transformation Oil to assist me.

  4. This has truly been a yr of transformation for me. 5 months in and I feel this is my year for positive change.
    Although difficult at times, I choose to transfor the fear to love.
    For what is the feeling of Love if not a blessing from God.
    Loss of a job; and opportunity to follow my heart and god’s guidance to be offer service to my fellow man.
    Transformation Oil assists me in the process! And i have 7months to go!

  5. 2012 is my year for transformation. Just 5 months in and I have experienced wondeerful changes.

    Although fear will at times cloud our vision of things, I see that a feelinfg of love for instance is truly a blessing. i choose to see it this way.

    Loss of a job? an opportunity to follow the path of my dreams.
    Transformation Essential Oil, assists us in seeing the miracles in these things.

  6. Thats how media works. Spreading disaster. Yes many things they say are real but my mind cant really choose the option of giving up. Just stay strong and look for success as you said. Never give up!

    Great post 🙂

  7. Thats how media works. Spreading disaster. Yes many things they say are real but my mind cant really choose the option of giving up. Just stay strong and look for success as you said. Never give up! Great post!

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