Live in Total Abundance!

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We are creatures who have to feel, sense, touch, and smell. Deeply inhale Abundance and speak your affirmation, “I live in total abundance now.”

Last week we talked about programming with essential oils. Now let’s back up and do it again—we’re going to say, “I live in total abundance.” Then put Abundance on your temples, on your crown, on your locus coeruleus, on your sternum, up your nose, on your feet. It doesn’t matter where you put it, it’s still going to work, because you are a creature who has to feel, sense, touch, and smell. Then you say, “I live in total abundance now.”

You’re creating all of this around you; you’re creating an energy profile. So when somebody comes up to you and asks, “Can you make a donation of $20,000 to the D. Gary Young Foundation?” you say, “Yes.”

We use the same process in decoding, only in reverse. So now you write down the thing that you want to release, and there are a couple of physical ways that will help you to do it. Write down what you’d like to release, just something really short. Then after you’ve written on a piece of paper—and this is not necessary, but it can help you immensely—take your pen in your hand and draw circles around it in reverse—not clockwise but counterclockwise.

Now the reason you do this is because this helps you to visually create the emotion of unwinding or erasing. Then you put on Release and you release that emotion, that thought. You may have to put Acceptance with it as you release it, because there are experiences like people who have lost a loved one or maybe a person who went through a divorce and really didn’t want the divorce, but the other person didn’t want the marriage. You don’t have control over that, so you feel hurt, you feel pain, you don’t know how to deal with it, you feel betrayed, you feel abandoned. This is one way to deal with it; you just start scribbling circles in a counterclockwise motion saying, “I willingly release all things that no longer serve me in a positive and progressive way.” It’s really simple.

And why is that important? It’s because you have to move into three areas we all tend to avoid. You must move into nonattachment, you must move into nonjudgment, you must move into nonresistance; and you can do it by saying, “I willingly, lovingly release all things that no longer serve me in a positive and progressive way.”  Therefore you’re making no judgment on that which you are releasing. Once you have written it on paper and said the affirmation, you need do no more.

4 thoughts on “Live in Total Abundance!

  1. This is a wonderful reminder of the fact that we CAN change our lives and emotions and let the baggage go! I have been using this protocol of Dr. Garys for the past several years. Now, I teach it to others and it is VERY helpful in breaking through barriers to success and achievement in moving forward in life. Thank you Gary Young!

  2. Love this information and the slant that you are taking Gary. But I can’t find how to touch the locus coeruleus. Online info doesn’t show a pic that would help though and the pons is also pictured deep in the brain. Where exactly should we put the Abundance so that this area gets the oil. I guess I should rub it in at the brainstem?

  3. Gary, I get so much from your blog and reading back to old conference transcripts. Thank you so much for support us with such high quality information, suggestions and excercises. I really appreciate this approach. I’ve been selling Abundance a lot lately and now I have a fun way to follow up with clients and my downline. This is an incredible way to connect and share info. And such good info at that!

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