Let The Gift Transform Your Thoughts

Gary & Mary Young
Mary surprised Gary at the 2010 Convention with a blend she created for him with the Middle Eastern essential oils and herbs mentioned in Gary’s novel. The book and her blend are called The Gift. Gary now explains the blend’s transforming power.

So what does The Gift have in its ability to transform your thoughts? You know, when we are doing an emotional cleansing and discharging these things that have been trapped in the RNA, and we start erasing, we need to give a gift back. If we don’t, many times where you have breathed and gone through a cleansing and a purging but you didn’t replenish, those old feelings, those old thoughts will come right back in. It takes time to erase, to heal, and to restructure.

The Gift is the gift after your elimination of those negative feelings and negative thoughts. Give yourself The Gift and repair, rebuild, and replenish yourself with the power of its oils.

You will find this not only empowering emotionally but also physically, because the oils in The Gift are all powerful immune supporters to our immune system, our whole well-being. It is a great opportunity for all of you to experience and learn about these oils and to share them with the world.

4 thoughts on “Let The Gift Transform Your Thoughts

  1. Gary, important info for you Sacred Frankincense is curing my jawbone cancer caused by crowns/root canals and recent overuse of sugar, drinking/using products w/ organic but pasteurized milk which enzyme changes from pasteurizing causes and feeds cancer…even in cottage cheese, cream cheese etc. and from unintentional eating pork which replicator cells greatly multiplied my cancer. I personally experienced major setbacks from pasteurized milk, but with Sacred Frankincense I am now 95% free of the cancer symptoms but will keep taking 150 drops daily Sacred Frankincense in capsules w/ V6 a while to control any spread. Dr. Johanna Budwic’s formula has to be changed to finely chopped raw onions instead of (now pasteurized) cottage cheese with the Flax oil. Thank you for making Sacred Frankincense available. Wish we could be at Convention but my lateness in getting better and buying so much Sacred Frankincense rule out Convention for us this time. Read about the milk enzyme/hormone changes in LSP EO Reference 5th edition. Also had problem with the FOS in Sulfurzyme causing cancer to rekindle so had to use sulfurzyme capsules with no FOS. Warning needed? God Bless You, Family YL and the Convention.

  2. I love this oil blend! I enjoy the scent, the healing properties in each individual oil in the blend, and I enjoy the meaning behind this blend and the love that went into this for you Gary. You have an amazing and awesome wife!

  3. I love this blend and the love that went into it as Mary created it for you Gary! You have and awesome and amazing wife!

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