Essentialzyme—Again in Tablet Form

Marc with Essentializyme
Gary told Marc to find a lab that could manufacture Essentialzyme in a tablet form. Mission accomplished!

I started the development of Essentialzyme in 1982 and finished it in 1984, and this has been the mainstay that I used in the treatment of my patients for all these years and still do today.

We experienced a problem two years ago with the laboratory that was manufacturing for us and tried to find another company that would formulate according to my specs and standards, but we had to go from a tablet to a capsule, which was not what I wanted, not because it wasn’t good but because it didn’t create the action that I put in the original formula.

I told Marc that we had to go back to what we had, and we had to find somebody who could make it the way I originally made it and the way I want it, so he and the other researchers have been working for months, going from lab to lab, trying to find one that would manufacture it correctly.

And now we have Essentialzyme in an enhanced formula. One thing that is really important to know is that animal enzymes work in the upper stomach, but they will not go through to the lower stomach. Therefore, it is really important to have an enteric coating or what we call a “bio layer” that has a time release in it, so it will stay for one hour in the upper gut and then go into the lower gut and release two hours later. Essentialzyme is a very powerful product, and you’re going to really love that, and, of course, it’s gone back to the tablet form.

5 thoughts on “Essentialzyme—Again in Tablet Form

  1. Wow, I learned something very important today. I now understand why the capsule form was not as effective as the tablet; can’t “bio-layer” the capsule. Awesome, I’m ordering some in my next Essential Rewards shipment! Thank you for informing us. I appreciate it.


  2. At the YL Convention in Orlando Gary said to chew the tablet, but now I’m reading not to chew it since that would mess up the “bio-layer” is that correct?

    Thanks for all you do for the benefit of people you’ll never meet.

  3. I tried the new formula, and still have it. For some reason it seems to upset my stomach. The old formula did not do that. I had been taking it for years. Thank you

  4. Can you take the essentialzyme-E between meals as a proteolytic enzyme for cleaning up debris, etc. And it works as a digestive enzyme with food as well?

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