Enzyme Deficiencies Are a Growing Problem

Gary Young speaking at the Raindrop seminar
Gary has added five powerful essential oils to act synergistically with the enzymes in Essentialzyme.

Could You Be Enzyme Deficient?

Enzyme deficiencies are a growing problem. For more information on how to take Essentialzyme, review Chapters 9 and 19 in your EDR. If you don’t have a new Essential Oils Desk Reference, get it, because it will help you to better facilitate and direct your clients, customers, and patients in the direction they need to go with enzymes. It’s very important.

To summarize, Essentialzyme is an essential blend of animal origin and has pancrealipase, pancreatin 10X (which is the strongest), trypsin, and betaine hydrochloric acid. Then we combine it with a vegetable-originated blend of bromelain, which comes from pineapple; thyme; Carrot leaf powder; alfalfa sprout powder; alfalfa; and cumin seed powder, which we use because cumin also is a very active agent in enzymatic activity.

Then we complement it with a wonderful essential oil blend of anise, fennel, peppermint, tarragon, and clove.

I chose anise seed oil to put in Essentialzyme for the very simple reason that it is very beneficial for the promotion of erepsin in the lower stomach, and that is critical. Erepsin is an enzyme known to digest peptones into amino acids. Most people have a very deficient level of erepsin.

We will discuss the remainder of the essential oils next week.

2 thoughts on “Enzyme Deficiencies Are a Growing Problem

  1. I have the gene for Celiac Sprue, so my first question must be ‘Does Essentialzyme contain gluten?’. I just began using my Vegan Slique Kit with Detoxzyme and was told it was gluten free. I am encouraged by the help it seems to be providing so far. Then, after reading this blog, I wonder if enzyme and/or amino acid deficiencies may cause or contribute to Celiac and other autoimmune disorders. Do you think there may be a connection?

  2. I want to know if The enzyme formulas have nattokinase or serrepeptase because I have recently heard that these two enzymes dissolve scar tissue and benign tumors. I may have some kidney damage and heard that these could get the scar tissue out of the glomeruli. I already used lemongrass oil to clear the calcification which helped a great deal. There was injury due to a couple of blows over the years. Also some Chinese massage to help the meridians to the kidney have helped. I have had some ultra sound of both bladder and kidney as well. The bladder was fine. Still waiting on kidney results as yet. More on that later. In this year I also had a horrible fever so I used wintergreen to the max which seemed to bring up old immune issues that were related to polio. I have had a compromised immune system all my life. When I looked up the symptoms of poliomyelitis BINGO!!! inflamed nerves, inflamed brain, sciatica, short right leg, cramping foot weaker right side all the way including the kidney, lung, facial paralysis at seventeen, you name it. Hallelujah!! Wintergreen. It felt like it cleared out and my muscle structure changed on the right leg definitely.
    Thank you very much just for that one oil.

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