Connecting to Emotions Through Writing

[This series of blog entries will be an overview of the workshop given by Gary Young at the 2012 Young Living International Grand Convention.]

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Is writing old fashioned? Not hardly! Gary will teach you how to tap into your emotions so you can reprogram those you wish to change—and the key is writing.

Put your iPads away, put your laptops away, get out the pad and pencil—we’re going to do it the old fashioned way. Yup, sorry. The old fashioned way. There’s a very specific reason for it. The mind does not connect to emotion through electronics; it connects to it through energy that is produced from the nimble movement of your fingers wrapped around a pencil shaft. I’m not saying that you can’t put it in your iPod, your laptop, or whatever later; please do so that you can put it in a file, save it, and never look at it again. That’s what we do, isn’t it? But for this class, please, I want you to write, not type; you’ll understand the reason one day if not before class is over.

A lot of you are going to connect with some very deep emotions today, and I really desire for you to experience that, because there’s a reason for it, there’s a need for it. As you do, please just write, write, write. That’s how you get it out, by writing.

Typing on a computer will not allow it to erase out of the mind; only when your hand is in motion with the feeling of the energy and moving and inscribing will it erase. What you are basically doing is reversing the action of the transcriptase enzyme that does the encoding on the MRNA [Memory RNA], so that’s why this is really critical. Many of you have been in my classes when I’ve talked about writing, writing, writing.

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  1. I am so excited about this “Connecting to Emotions Through Writing!” Thank you for doing this, as I missed hearing you at convention and was “emotionally upset!” God bless you for all that you do for others.

  2. Thank you so much for doing the “Connecting to Emotions Through Writing!” I was emotionally upset because I missed hearing you at convention, so this is a blessing to me.

  3. I think I understand your reason behind writing vs. typing, one set back for me is, my spelling. Typing helps me with my correct spelling 🙂

    The ability to write to connect to people at the emotional level is a powerful thing. I love it. Writing is such one of life simple pleasure that people seemed to take for granted. The ability to craft words to form thoughts and ideas that make a different in a person thoughts, feelings, and or action is forever fascinating. A skill that I wish to achieve sometimes soon 🙂

    Thank you for the blog about writing Gary.

  4. BRAVO!! I am delighted to see this from Gary Young. His wisdom and knowledge regarding essential oils is matchless; but the wisdom he has written today comes from the Spirit. I wrote an almost identical BLOG on the gift of a handwritten letter several months ago. Gary has inspired me to resurrect it today as part of the Virtuous Woman Experience. Bless, you Gary Young!

    Virtuous Woman’s Blog:

  5. BRAVO! I couldn’t agree more. I Blogged on “The Gift of a Handwritten Letter” several months ago as part of the Virtuous Woman Experience. Gary Young’s wisdom and understanding of how God intended our minds (and bodies) to function is matchless.

    Thank you, Gary, for stepping out of the boat and sharing wisdom from another perspective!

  6. Janet,
    Thanks for posting this for us. I would have loved to be in that class at convention. I now feel like I experienced a little bit of it.
    I appreciate you.

  7. Thank you for posting such an important subject, Gary. The power of handwriting cannot be overstated, but has sadly been lost in a frenzy of texting, typing, tweeting and blogging.

    I’ve often wondered about the rise in emotional and psychopathic disorders; PTSD; Bi-Polar and even violent behaviors such as the Aurora, Colorado tragedy and the “coincidental” disappearance of hand-written letters. Is there a connection? The question begs to be asked. Now, we have speech recognition software that requires no hand dexity at all. We’re slowly becoming automatons with robotic behaviors, causing the brain to fast-forward in ways of communication the Creator did not intend. It’s interesting that the Scriptures say to “write down the vision and run with it…” not “Text the vision and it will surely come.”

    I’ve committed to producing at least one handwritten letter per week to a family member who returns the gesture. We call it “The Gift of a Letter,” and it’s a great source of comfort.

  8. Perfect, thank you for the reminder to write it out. It truly does make a difference. I was stuck with so much emotion trapped inside, writing enabled a positive shift to occur.

  9. Gary,
    Thank you for taking the leap and teaching this. I attended your teaching at convention two times and three times would not have been too much. Convention was truly a transforming experience for me. It was a delite just to be present.
    Congratulations for everyone in successfully producing an environment for thousands of people to experience your loving and have the opportunity to truly transforn.

  10. I have been a little sceptical about emtional clearing and stayed on the more clinical side of using our oils. But I did take the Gary’s class at convention and I did have a dramatic emotonal event. It was a bit delayed and I was thankful that I was able to be with my husband when it occured very early the next morning.
    I had made the decision to do the business since my recent forced retirement and I was full of fear. I felt such a strong feeling, like a direct channel opened up from my heart to my mind and confirmed my purpose. I am certain that God has called me to represent the oils to the world.
    When I look back on the notes I scribled in the class they are not very clear but I know what it says and can reconnect to the words that are written.

    Thanks Gary for all you do for us.

  11. This is so true the power of writing with pen and paper.. sets the emotions free .. it allows the writer to freely express and helps to integrate what one is writing. Sharing with oneself through writing is important.. it allows one to connect with your inner soul and being. People are afraid to make this connection and avoid the pen and paper.. but it has a cleansing and healing aspect for you can feel the vibrational frequency when writing when it comes from the heart and soul.

  12. What a wonderful topic. I’ve been sharing this same thing with my students and am so happy you confirm it Gary. The Quran says God “teaches by means of the pen, teaches the human what he/she knows not.” I believe the literacy of writing, made available to everyone, is how the West became a world power. Now everyone in the world can be empowered to contribute their gifts to humanity by the simple act of writing. Reading as the ‘first’ level of literacy is one thing, but writing has miracles and wonders in store for those who yield to it. Very many thanks!

  13. I keep getting a spam message and am unsure why. so here goes, my 3rd or 4th attempt….

    writing is a miracle of literacy. the Quran says God teaches by means of the pen, teaches the human what s/he knows not. i’ve taught my college students they must keep a journal and write whatever they feel to free themselves and find themselves. Gary’s five notebooks takes it to another level. I was not at Convention this year so this blog entry is a wonderful taste of what occurred. Very many thanks!

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