Aromatics Influence Our Thinking

Gary Young with group at Balsam Harvest
The aroma of Sacred Mountain can take you back to a time of being with friends in the mountains. This photo is of Gary sharing a moment with balsam harvest friends.

Let’s start with an oil blend named Sacred Mountain. As you smell the aroma, write down the first thought that comes to mind. Was it the last time you were camping with your family? The last time you were mowing the lawn? The last time you were chopping wood? Whatever thought comes first to your mind, write it down.

Pay attention to what feeling that thought produces and follow up with writing the feeling, just a very short descriptive feeling of what that thought triggers as it comes to your mind. Through that you can continue at home in doing your own self-evaluation, your own analysis, your own discovery to find out what is missing and what you’ve been doing wrong.

This is your transformation but there isn’t one person in this room who will not affect all of us within at least a 40-foot radius. Hmm, how about that. So as you think, so shall your friend react. Wow. How many of you have thought about how your thoughts are projected upon others and how their response is a mere reflection of your thoughts in many, many cases? Okay, so write down your feelings, what you’re thinking.

3 thoughts on “Aromatics Influence Our Thinking

  1. It is amazing how my thoughts affect the way I interact with other people. And, after reading this blog, I realize that it is true, my thoughts are energy being picked up by other people and they are responding to the energy. Just like the oils have a frequency, so do thoughts. Thanks Dr. Gary. I will try to be a more positive thinker.

  2. A co-worker’s husband was in a motorcycle accident. He has been told that the nerve to his shoulder&arm was pulled out of his spine. They are wanting to amputate but say it will not stop the pain. I thought of you and wondered – if it were you or your family member, what essential oil would you recommend? It seems to me that it could not hurt to rub an oil along his spine, just in case regeneration can happen. I am hoping help can be found before they amputate. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you.

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