Are They Problems or Gifts?

woman smelling essential oil
You have held wondrous essential oils in your hands. Do you think that when life hands you problems, trials, and adversity, that you also have a potential gift in your hands?

When we refer to emotional healing or therapy, in many ways some are from the old school–psychiatry, psychology, anger management, neurolinguistics, modified behavior counseling, and many, many more.  Every town has clinics offering ways for you to deal with your emotions and your behavior. Do you need the clinics? Are you throwing away your money?

Endorphins are pain suppressors and ecstasy inducers. Ecstasy is the antidote to a disease- and pain-free body. Pain and disease cannot live or be present in the frequency of ecstasy. Ecstasy is the highest physical vibration of the human body. Why aren’t we there? Why don’t we feel ecstasy 24/7? Because we get caught up in stuff, even though we know we’re not supposed to “sweat the small stuff.” But the stuff becomes bigger and bigger to us.

Psychosomatic–“psycho” means soul; “soma” means body. Can they be separated? No, not until you die. Emotions link mind and body, and the molecules of emotion run every system in your body. Think about it and think about the last time you had a negative emotion or you got upset about something.

For example, you received your Young Living order. You ordered the Essential 7 Kit with extra Joy, but you received ComforTone and ParaFree. What emotion did it create? After the emotion came up inside, how did your stomach feel? Did you stop and say, “Wow! This is a blessing in disguise, because I have been constipated, and the doctor I went to last week said I have parasites”? But we don’t go there, do we? We always go to the negative side first. Folks, as long as we go to the negative side first every time something comes up, how are we going to progress?

Walter Russell made a statement in 1898 or 1901 in a conference and said that you are given problems because there is never a problem without the gift for it in its hands, and you are given problems because you need the gifts. Do we look at the gifts, or do we look at the problems?

7 thoughts on “Are They Problems or Gifts?

  1. Hi Gary, My question has to do with Gluten sensitivities and my desire to endorse your/our products 100%. I’d like to request you look into alternatives to whatever oils you have available to make them user friendly to the growing population of those who have a Gluten intolerance. This impacts the lives of newborns through old age. This population cannot use them topically or internally. I thought this may be the best way to communicate my concerns to you personally. I contacted product support to request a list of all products that contain wheat, wheat germ, lectins of any kind as well as a secondary list which includes corn, beans & seeds due to the prevalence of this problem and this issues of cross reactivity to these other foods. I have ever so much respect for your dedication and truly appreciate the wonderful experiences I’ve had by being affiliated with Young Living. With a grateful heart and a desire to become more knowledgeable as to what I can and what I cannot recommend. Stephanie

  2. Balsam fir has been a door closer to doors left open to pain from a broken back. The age old trauma and pain had to leave as I applied it..they have left!

  3. If we look at each problem always keeping in mind that God doesn’t allow us to be tempted beyond what we can handle (of, course with the help of the Holy Spirit), we can then see it as an opporunity to grow. Even though we can access Him whenever we desire, through a relationship with Christ, He gives us opportunities all along the journey of life that we can take advantage of to become more Christ-like and closer to God. So that when we are tempted by trials of many kinds, we can rejoice in knowing that He allowed those trials that we might be more like Jesus, more mature Christians, and better at sharing His Love and shining His light into all the darkness around us.

  4. My comment is attached to the gluten issue. I have a daughter and grandson who have those sensitivities. V-6 is a common culprit to them, causing irritation, which I assume is from the wheat, although we have used many other oils and oil blends from YL on them with great results.
    It would be nice to have a listing of products from which to safely choose.

  5. A friend sent me your website, and I am enjoying the posts. There is so much positive information here! Thanks so much, Z
    P.S. I got the sky question wrong! I gave an artistic answer!

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