Young Living’s Mission

Gary Young at lavender farm in St. Maries, ID
Years of hard work pay off with the exquisite lavender from YL’s St. Maries, Idaho, farm.

To grow, harvest, and distill is a lot of work and a huge expense. Our world has turned to technology and synthetic production in the laboratory. By the time the world discovers that Mother Nature’s pure substances are the best, it could be too late to begin producing them again for world consumption.

I am committed to producing Mother Nature’s pure essential oils and to teaching our growers how to maintain and efficiently grow and distill each harvest. If I can’t produce and supply Young Living with a particular pure oil, then we will go without it until I am able to find a good source or grow the plants and trees on one of my farms that will produce the oil that we need.

The mission of Young Living is to provide wellness, purpose, and abundance to those in the world seeking a better way of life. We are not about providing synthetic, non-therapeutic essential oils, which are not in harmony with our purpose.

What I want for my own family is what I want for my Young Living family worldwide, and I can only take care of my Young Living family if I take care of Mother Nature.

Therefore, I will always choose to do those things that nurture and protect Mother Nature so that our distributors will have pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

2 thoughts on “Young Living’s Mission

  1. Is there a physical problem with growing lavender? Are there crop failures due to something?
    Thank you for taking the time to write such lovely and detailed notes to keep us all informed of the difficulties associated with bringing a pure product to the people. I don’t think that most people realize that the oils they are using are anything but pure.
    Blessings to you and all your loved ones.

  2. Thanks for writing, Amber. Yes, there have been problems in France because of drought and a virus, but I own three lavender farms! Our lavender crops in Utah and Idaho are doing so well that we are not dependent on essential oil brokers. We have our own supply, and so far it has been ample. On our lavender farm in France, we are growing lavandin, rosemary, and clary sage, and they are doing very well.


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