We Pick the Best Flowers & Leave the Rest

Ylang Ylang trees at Young Living farm
Rows of ylang ylang trees in bloom at the Young Living Ecuador farm.

Oil brokers who are just selling oils to the food and flavoring industries as well as the aromatherapy industry are not particular about the smell. Too often the smell is chemically enhanced, so who can be sure about getting a pure fragrance anyway?

Young Living is different. We want the pure, most beautiful smell possible. All of our workers are on our payroll and receive a salary, so the problem of trying to “fill the basket” is eliminated. They are taught how to pick the best flowers and leave the rest.

Many of the distributors, who were learning how to pick while visiting the farm, had a hard time leaving the undesirable flowers because they were still nice to smell.  But everyone understood and participated in the gathering of the very best, because that is important to Young Living.

Blossoms from the exotic ylang ylang tree at YL’s Finca Botanica Aromatica in Guayaquil, Ecucador.

We stand on quality and standards higher than any company in the world. I supervise all the growing and harvesting of our farms, which keeps me traveling all over the world.

In addition, I am fortunate to have such a great team of people in the office who have been with me for many years who protect our oil quality. Mary Lou Jacobson and Marc Schreuder have traveled to remote places of the world to inspect the facilities of others who produce for us to be certain that our oil quality is maintained. Dr. Cole Woolley, who joined Young Living as the Director of Research, has been overseeing our frankincense production in Oman and has been a great asset to me and our company.

I am very pleased to see in our office the commitment to maintaining the purity and high standards of our oils. As Young Living continues to grow and we continue to develop farms, that standard will continue to be the mark of our company as we lead the world in the production and quality of therapeutic-grade essential oils.

2 thoughts on “We Pick the Best Flowers & Leave the Rest

  1. Hi Gary,
    I felt the urge to write this email as the only way I could see of getting to you. The story below may strike you as funny but God has its ways.
    I haven’t heard of YL products before but as I was reading Facebook today I saw this picture of this person I’ve never met before (through a friend’s posting) and I was intrigued but the beauty of it. I opened her page and saw the website for her store. She sells your products here in the Finger Lakes NY, where I live. I’m a fanatic of natural products and natural ways of healing yourself. So I was glad I had opened her website and thought of contacting her. Well, then I continue to read about YL products and come to found out you now live in Ecuador, which is where I was born and raised.
    I’m fascinated about the work you are doing in Ecuador and what brought you there. My husband works for Cornell (él es ingeniero agronomo) here in NYS and we have given the thought of going back to Ecuador to live, but we have so little information about the farming situation in Ecuador. It’ll be interesting to follow your work from now on. May God keep blessing your work!
    Anyway… I thought this story might be amusing to you as it was to me.

  2. Gary,

    Can you help me document for my organic certifier that Thieves Oil is made “without prohibited methods”? This would involve a statement that no sewage sludge, genetic engineering and irradiation are used in the manufacturing process. We use this product to treat pneumonia in dairy calves.

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