Stimulate Your Brain with Enzymes

Gary Young on the frankincense trail
Do I have a lot on my mind? Yes! But taking enzymes helps me think more clearly.

Cleaning solvents, antibiotics, household cleaners, microwaves, radiation, and heating over 120 degrees are elements that kill enzymes and enzyme activity and prevent enzyme development in our bodies. Our magnificent bodies create over 3,000 different kinds of enzymes, all with their own job description. Isn’t that interesting.

Within the cells of our lungs, liver, brain, and digestive system, we should have millions of enzymes when we are healthy—literally millions and millions. No one, no scientist, has ever been able to document or determine how many millions of enzymes actually exist in a healthy human body, and part of that is because they are having a hard time finding a healthy subject to study.

If you build up your enzyme storage reserve and maintain it, you will discover that you will enjoy good health. I get asked constantly how I go into a country, go into the jungle, deal with what I do, come back, and just keep going and going and going and not get sick. I eat more enzymes than I eat anything else, and I have ever since I made Essentialzyme in 1984. That and the oils are my mainstays. I rub oils on and drink them.

When you do that, you reduce the chance of being sick, and you are able to do more, perform more, think better, and think more clearly. One of my young colleagues just two days ago was traveling with me, and he asked me how I remember all the things I have to remember. I told him that it’s easy, because enzymes stimulate the brain for memory retention, memory alertness, and articulating.

6 thoughts on “Stimulate Your Brain with Enzymes

  1. Dr Young ~ Thank You for sharing how important enzymes truly are in our health and well being. Clear, concise communication that is easy to understand. Blessings for continued success!!

    Warm Regards, virginia b whitewillow

  2. Thanks for the encouragement in regards to using Enzymes, Gary Young! I have the new Essentialzyme on order . . . May you be blessed richly in all you do and I hope you can stay healthy for at least another hundred years. 🙂 We need you here! I love YLEO!

  3. Dear Gary,
    I am very grateful for this artical because I feel the problems I am having in my liver, lungs, brain,
    digestive system and teeth is due to candida and lack of balance in my system. Since the converntion in Sept 2011, I have been using Essentialzymes-4, Essentialzmye, Inner defense, Alkalime, Ningia Red with Sacred Frankencense, lemon, copaiba, Thieves and Ocotea. I am not on top of the problems yet, I notice how much sicker I feel If I forget to take the enzymes. When I take the above regularly I can think better, the acid indigestion calms down some. I still have the problem with the candida bubbling up my throat at night. I would like to attack the candida hard, but don’t really know how to go about it. I also take Oregano, Thyme, Sacred Frankencense, lemon, Copaiba and Thieves in capsuls (5 drops each) some of the time. Followed by 1/2 cup almond milk. I would be so grateful for any direction you could give. Thank you for all you do for us. I know God Blesses you and so we are blessed. I am grateful, Mary Durgin

  4. Is there any way we could get a link to articles (Blogs) like this to put on places like facebook? This is so informative and well written. It would be a great “Share”.
    Thank You, Julie Livingood

  5. I am 62, 5’9” and am interested in an or essentialzyme for memory. Thyroid has slowed a bit and I just re-certified, Nationally in massage therapy. No gray hairI eat a high protein high fiber diet. Had an echo last Christmas and it showed my heart retains fluid. My mother had chf so I donot own or use salt, it KILLS. Any feedback would help. I thank you. Deborah

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