Part 20: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Young Living lavender farm in Mona, UT
A beautiful summer’s day at the Young Living Mona, Utah, lavender farm

To know how to farm, grow, harvest, and distill essential oil certainly gives an assurance that can come in no other way. To have a background in essential oil chemistry, a laboratory for testing the oils, and the ability to formulate is not likely to be duplicated. No other company in the history of essential oils has its own farms around the world where it sources new oils; develops better ways for growing and cultivating new plant species; distills the plants to produce pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils; and then tests the oils with high-tech equipment calibrated to match the GC-MS specifications set by Dr. Hervé Casabianca at the CNRS laboratory in France.

For most companies, money and power dictate their standards or lack of ethics. It is just too much work and costs too much money for other companies to oversee and pay the price for purity.

It has been critical to me to have a working association with other laboratories that have the same equipment to give truthful, third-party verification that is not found in the essential oil industry in America, except at Young Living.

The most important things to me are to serve my fellowmen and to honor my God by keeping that which He has given us in its most pure form with the highest therapeutic benefits possible.

7 thoughts on “Part 20: Finding Pure Essential Oils

  1. Yes Wanda,
    Gary is amazing and so what he produces is nothing less than incredible. If you still need a catalog send me an email and I’ll be happy to mail you one.

  2. Since Birch oil is no longer available (has not been for several years now), what is the recommended combination for treatment of hearing loss? If I recall from a meeting in South Bend IN several years ago, the combination Gary used for my hearing loss was Birch, Elemi and Heliochrysym.

    What now? Or, what is recommended as a Birch replacement?

  3. Victoria,

    Wintergreen is the replacement for birch. Purification has also been used in this situation.

    – Gary

  4. Hi Vicki,

    Judy Mustone DeHaven gave me your married name and I googled it. Would love to hear from you.


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