Gary’s Unwanted “Invader”


Gary takes a rare moment to rest in Oman
Gary takes a rare moment to rest in Oman

By Guest Blogger Mary Young


On Saturday, January 15, as I watched Gary coughing so horribly, struggling to breathe with a high fever and intense pain, I started thinking about all the stress and difficulties we put on ourselves for the sake of a cause and a desire to give the world something better. At that moment it didn’t seem like a very good trade.

Ever since we moved to Ecuador five years ago, Gary has been fascinated with the jungle. He loved the discovery of the unknown and was excited about finding new aromatic plants. I knew he was careful about what he ate and drank, but I was always concerned because I knew the jungle was full of attacking critters and infectious dangers.

But Gary was fearless as his unconquerable spirit led him deep into the Amazon without worry for what could be in his path. He always came home with different kinds of bites that usually itched like crazy, but never more than that. I have experienced this with him time and time again!

In Gary’s words: “On Saturday, January 15, I flew home from Idaho, where we had begun our harvest of the balsam fir. I had developed a horrible, gut-wrenching cough; high fever; and extreme fatigue. During the night I had extreme difficulty breathing, and when I was in bed, I felt like I was drowning and had to resort to trying to sleep in the recliner.

“I could tell it was getting worse, so I decided to have Mary take me to the Emergency Room at the American Fork Hospital with the intent of getting oxygen and finding out what was happening to me.”

He received a lot of help, and they were able to open up his lungs a bit so that he could get more oxygen and relieve his pain.

However, they could not find out what was wrong. The tests contradicted each other, came up negative, and left them baffled. The doctor, who we feel was very competent, determined that he had viral bronchitis and double pneumonia. But because Gary had been in the Amazon and in so many other places in the world, they were convinced that some exotic jungle disease was the cause of it all; so the doctor decided to send him to the Infectious Disease Department of the University of Utah Hospital.

Click here to read Mary’s, Gary’s, and Doug Nelson’s (Young Living’s CEO) stories about this experience.

40 thoughts on “Gary’s Unwanted “Invader”

  1. To Gary Young: You are in our heart thoughts and prayers. Take time to do what you would wish for any one of us to do if you saw us in your shoes. Got it??? 🙂 Heaps of best wishes always!!!

  2. Gary, It sounds like a parasite to me. I suggest you check your stools for eggs and parasites.

    I am one of your newer distributors. You have distributor levels of silver and gold. I tell people my distributor level is: lead! 🙂 But I’m working on it. I have been in YLEO for almost 5 months.

    Get well soon.

    Best regards, David Grissom, Houston, TX

  3. We are all very thankful for all Gary does to get the oils for us. Sorry to hear about his recent health challenges but so thankful that he is on the mend. We’ll keep him in our prayers.

  4. He needs to travel to Rosebud Arkansas and see a medical intuitive named Barry Joneshill. He is the real deal and will know exactly what is wrong with him. He works in a health food store called Remedies. I have experienced his help firsthand and know several other that have been helped.

  5. Gary: My thoughts and prayers are with you now and always. You are an amazing soldier of God and you will not fall, but rise up and conquer. Satan knows the good you are doing and it trying to defeat you. Stay strong Gary – we all love you <3

  6. Dear Gary,

    Please take time to rest and HEAL. We so appreciate your vision, passion, energy, and the commitment that fuels you. And inspires us.

    It helps to remember, your work / our work is the Creator’s work. Creator is NOT in a rush or hurry…or obsessively driven. Plants don’t grow in a rush or a hurry….”to everything there is a time and a season.” And there is wisdom in learning to be at peace with stillness.

    Wishing you the best care, a thorough recovery, and serenity.

    With appreciation,
    YLO Distributor #168709

    P.S. Mary ~ Thanks for looking out for Gary’s needs and well-being. Wishing you the best and strength at this time, too.

  7. ALL our prayers and every blessing is being focused on your healing! We also send support for your family. May you tend yourself as graciously and thoroughly as you always tend to all of us . Heal strong and feel the LOVE that surrounds you intensify your body’s inner wisdom and speed your revitalization. Amen.

  8. Gary, we all appreciate what you have brought to us… GODs pure modalities that we enjoy and use as treatments when necessary.

    Since you are a believer you have to remember your chain of command
    1st God
    2nd Gary
    3rd Mary
    4th Boys
    5th Family & friends
    6th Business

    This is obviously not easy to do with your work ethic and the pull
    This is a good lesson for all of us.
    Thank you for your endless work and willingness to share your personal testimony. May the Lord bless you to be healed completely!

  9. So sad and concerned to hear of Gary’s recent illness. Even our fearless leader isn’t invincible! I talk to my patients every day about the importance of rest and lifestyle changes. There are limits of matter, even if we don’t want to think so. This may be Gary’s opportunity to experience how important it is to slow down. It’s not enough to rub on a little stress-away and hope for the best. Perhaps he had to experience this in order to teach it. Mary said it all:

    “So what’s the lesson? The body needs sleep, good food, and time
    to recover from intense physical and mental labor. No one can
    continue to burn the candle at both ends without the ends eventually
    burning up together. Gary is getting better but he must
    be careful to allow his body to heal so that he can return to his
    normal, vibrant self.”


    Our prayers are with Gary, Mary, and the boys.

  10. Gary, you are in my prayers, as are Mary and the boys. Please take this time given to you, as you recover, to pray for healing and balance. All the best wishes to you and your family.

  11. Gary, you are in my prayers as are Mary and the boys. You have been given an opportunity to deepen your relationship with God. We look forward to reading and hearing the guidance you received. You are an inspiration to all of us, thank you for sharing your experiences with us! All the best to you and your family.

  12. Reading about your journey with this illness is inspirational. Your dedication to finding us the highest quality oils in the most remote locations just deepens my passion for Young Living. Meeting you in Dallas, when I was just a 4 day old distributor, stirred a passion within my heart and soul that we were with the right company at the right place and time.

    You’ve given us at the click of a button what God intended to sustain us. Since Oct. I have come off 10 medications. 3 of those are blood pressure meds. I am down to 1 medication due to the healing powers of YL oils and God’s grace. This has given my husband and I our life back.

    We lift you up in prayer for God’s healing along with a prayer for strength for Mary and the boys. We need you to be strong and healthy in order continue the journey God is leading you on. I also realize, you were sick when you took the time to teach us on the recent conference call. Just so you know, that was the quickest hour and the knowledge was priceless.

    With appreciation and love to you and Mary!

  13. HI Gary and Mary, I want to let you know of what you both mean to me. Please hold on to that as you recuperate. I do need to let you know that I was part of the Egyptian Frankincense group. While there, I was overcome with the same rib breaking cough, production of much infected mucous, shortness of breath, fever, and extreme fatigue. I had a very difficult time flying back home to Canada. I did discover that I had gotten a parasite that infected the lungs. We discovered this through one of my colleagues. It was addressed through his remedies along with the essential oils. I am better now than ever. If you think that this might be a possibility for you to investigate, please don’t hesitate to contact me. God does send the right messengers as we need them. I am as close as this e-mail. I am always reminded that when God says “I will make you lie down in green pastures” might mean that if you don’t choose to rest, I will make you. That quote has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Heal and rest for you. I am here to be of service to you and your family
    Sylvia and Paul Petker YL #815122

  14. To Gary and Mary, people of my heart, vision and purpose. I need to let you know that all the symptoms that Gary is experiencing, I experienced while in Egypt filming with Gary. I had a very difficult time with the intense rib shattering coughs, coughing up infectious mucous, fever, sever fatigue and all the rest that Gary is experiencing. I had a very difficult journey back to Canada. I called one of my colleagues and discovered that I had been invaded by a parasite that infects the lungs. With the recommendations he made along with many many oils, I fully recuperated and am now better than ever. God does send the right messenger at the right time. If this sounds like you would want to consider this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We are in this together and when one of us is down, one of us is up to be of service.
    “I will make you lie down in green pastures” as God has said, takes on a whole new meaning—rest, recuperate, renew. It is time. I am here to be of service to you and your family.
    Sylvia and Paul Petker
    YL distributor #815122

  15. Gary, I have a few thoughts. You are old enough to need to eat only real food—no synthetic chemical additives, no synthetic chemical medicines—all these synthetic chemicals block cell receptor communications and brain can’t communicate to heal and oils must first clean blocked cell receptors before the oils can enter and work. Stop eating any pork because of replicator cells in pork which will instantly make millions of copies of any virus, fungus or bacteria you encounter. Frankincense is wonderful but don’t worship it—use other oils too. God is our healer and prayer will work and we and you know He will guide you if He wants you to heal with oils. Our experience finds that you should always have Ravensara and at first sign of any sickness, put 3-4 drops in mouth 6x over a 2 hr period if needed and also you may apply to feet soles. Thieves is great and Hyssop and Exodus II and ImmuPower. For double pneumonia and bronchitis, we found alternating these above oils and use in mouth, on chest, inhale, on feet and in IV with your resources for IV. Certainly continue using Frankincense. We appreciate your world travels on our behalf but you do need to know what you are eating; take time to use oils for prevention and use the Ravensara for first sign of sickness to stop it. Upon loosing a lot of weight, I was made sick by the released toxins and germs which had been in my fat storage for many years. I was so sick that I thought I was going to die. Rapid bone pain and extreme weakness were part of it. Got help thru prayer chains going for me and I was led to use YL Rose diluted 50% with V-6. The Rose worked and in 10 minutes I began to feel better. Had to use Rose diluted 4 more times to get well that day and used it again next day as precaution. Found in subsequent attacks that the Rose diluted worked almost as well inhaling as on soles of feet. I suggest that you try Rose on soles ever 15 minutes for 6-8 times. I still carry a bottle of diluted Rose. May God continue to Bless you, Mary, your Family and Young Living. My wife and I are 5 1/2 year YL Co-Distributor and YL has changed our lives. YOu have a lot more work to do so take care of yourself and we wish and pray for fast and full recovery for you.

  16. To Gary and Mary, people of my heart, vision and passion. I need to let you know that I experienced the identical symptoms that Gary is having while I was in Egypt during the filming of the Frankincense trail. I had a very difficult flight back to Canada. I immediately contacted one of my colleagues and was very quickly assessed as having been invaded in Egypt by a parasite that infects the lungs. It is brutal. I was quickly given the remedies and along with the oils have been rid of all that this nasty parasite did to me. I believe this message is coming from me at this time because God does send the right message when needed. I am available to you both and am as close as an email. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Yours in both sickness and health,
    Sylvia and Paul Petker YL #815122

  17. Dear Gary,

    We want you with us for a long time!

    Do take care, modulate the pace, take time for yourself to heal, for you are invaluable beyond measure, an angelic being in human form! Know that you are very dearly loved.

    We KNOW the gifts you have given us. Let us energetically support you. Feel the love of our thoughts and prayers.

    Blessings and love also to all those who surround you, most especially Mary and the children.

    P.S. A Gemisphere therapeutic necklace of emerald rondels could powerfully complement the oils during this time.

    Susan Betancourt
    Bread and Roses
    YLEO Dist. #367048

  18. Dearest Gary and Young Living Family:

    I trust we are all in prayer for Gary’s quick heal of this ancient mystery which plagues him. Truth be told, most doctors will not find the source of an illness therefore their treatments will only touch on symptoms and not necessariy the root cause. I learned a great deal while working in an emergency room about how suppliments and herbs and essential oils can manifest as altered lab tests for blood or urine. I certainly believe our medical system is on the verge of teaching our doctors and nurses the importance of learning complimentary measures and how they work within the human system to fully grasp their nature of healing. Until that time, trust what you know to be true for all those you have healed.

    As for Gary, I believe warm soaks in Epsom salt infused water will help balance his kidney functions . Kidney is the merridian responsible for infections, fever & Pneumonia. The lung merridian system should also be coated with Lavender to heal the infection within his lungs. No need to overdue the oils, a few will work just fine. In this case, less will surely be better, especially if he is dealing with a subtropical viral / bacterial source. Chicken soup and bed rest is the main treatment I suggest.

    Gary – It is okay to delegate ! You are learning the fine lesson of losing control to afford your prosperity and longevity. Locate stellar workers to delegate the many tasks you have on hand and trust these people will honor your wishes for a product that remains untainted by noxious comsumerism. Time to let go a little for it will make transitioning in the next twenty five years easier.

    Deep Breathes and rest are in order. Trust – this too shall pass. Prayers for a swift healing process. Laugh !!

    Arms around the Family Clan Young Living 🙂


  19. Gary, Mary and family,

    Our prayers are with you! Thank you for all of your dedication, hard work and for taking the time to share this health challenge with us.

    Seventeen years ago I had a very similar health challenge, with the same symptoms as Gary. It baffled the top infectious disease doctors. Within a few days of my first symptoms, I went from being a healthy vibrant person to not being able to walk up a set of stairs without becoming breathless or fatigued. My symptoms started with a very high fever and severely impaired function of my lungs. After about 6 months of steady decline, an osteopath finally gave me an accurate diagnosis.

    A parasite, similar to a maggot, was living under my skin. It did not infect the area topically, which is why it was missed, but rather set stingers down into the system (like a worm) releasing toxins into my body but specifically my lungs. Look for a lump or lesion under the skin similar to an implant.

    Since I didn’t know about the oils at the time, sodium was one of the treatments that was used. Gary would know which oils would be most effective, as seen in the wise choice of Frankincense. Also worth a look would be Jim Humble’s use of MMS for malaria and other tropical diseases.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about my challenge. Abundant blessing for a speedy recovery! We will keep you in our prayers.
    Lisa LeRose YL 68696

  20. Gary,
    You are an inspiration and I am so thankful for your time, research and dedication to help so many people. Please take care of yourself and slow down when you are better. Following are some very wise words from the Pope.

    “… Do not become utterly absorbed in activism! There would be so much to do that one could be working on it constantly. And that is precisely the wrong thing. Not becoming totally absorbed in activism means maintaining consideratio — discretion, deeper examination, contemplation, time for interior pondering, vision, and dealing with things, remaining with God and meditating about God. One should not feel obliged to work ceaselessly; this in itself is important for everyone, too, for instance, every manager, too, and even more so for a Pope. He has to leave many things to others so as to maintain his inner view of the whole, his interior recollection, from which the view of what is essential can proceed.”
    –Pope Benedict XVI
    Light of the World, with Peter Seewald

    I look forward to meeting you for the first time in Orlando this year. Many thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

    Linda Salvatore

  21. Dearest Gary & Mary
    We are sending our prayers, and know you will be well. We all value what you have given us, but we value you both more than anything. Please take the time you need to rest and rejuvenate….we’re all right here with you!

    The body does have its limitations, which is simply a fact. We treasure you both so much!! If there is anything that I could possibly offer, please call.

    Thank God for you both, and your amazing and generous hearts and spirit!

    with gratitude,

    Shady Sirotkin
    Oils of the Gods
    YL # 12021

  22. Thanks for being a manifestation of LOVE
    Thanks for being a manifestation of EVOLUTION
    Thanks for contributing so much passion in the wake of HUMANITY.

    All my love and gratitude are with you
    Get All the Best and Only the Best of the Infinite Universe.

  23. Mr. Young. I know you are getting the best of care available and are supported by your loving family & friends. Please, take this time for yourself to heal and for your family to be allowed to help you heal as well. You have had many serrious health events in the past months. Please consider taking time for yourself for a while. You have given us all so much over these years. Now it is time for you and yours.
    All our love and prayers for your full recovery.
    Pam Jones
    member # 306350

  24. Most Precious Mary and Gary,

    Both of you certainly have our prayers as you face this challenge.

    Dr. Yoshimizu, reveals in his book “The Fourth Medical Treatment…” that raising the core temperature of the body just 2 degrees, raises the function of the immune system by 40%. That is why you have a fever. The body is raising the temperature to kill the invading bacteria, virus, parasite, etc.

    We were in New Jersey a few years back and Gary was teaching the raindrop technique, with an overhead camera. After the raindrop, the back was much straighter. Gary told us that scoliosis was caused by a virus. We have seen many people experience pain reduction in just 15 minutes who suffer from scoliosis, with thermotherapy.

    When the body is invaded, raising the core temperature with thermotherapy assists the immune system to respond to eliminate the invader. Thermotherapy is a specific frequency of light heat, that assists the body to alleviate ailments.

    In just 30 to 45 minutes this therapy can knock out a cold or flu virus.
    It can also drive the oils in quicker. This therapy is designed for therapeutic sleep and alleviating pain, stimulate healing, and reversing ailments. We have observed hundreds experience pain reduction from fibromyalgia, arthritis, scoliosis, peripheral neuropathy, raynaud’s in as little as 15 minutes.

    There is much scientific data and studies that support the efficacy of thermotherapy. There are no side effects, except that your ailment might disappear. We would be happy to send Gary this therapy. It will take 7 to 10 days for international shipping.

    Just google: The Original Bio-Mat – that is also our banner
    or after the 3 w’s and the dot:
    bio dash(the dash sign) mats dot com

    Dr. Yoshimizu’s book is free, along with studies, video and more.
    We are very confident this therapy would assist in Gary’s speedy recovery.
    Again, we will be happy to send Gary this therapeutic device. FYI: It is also a FDA registered Medical Device…

    Blessings and Prayers,

    YL Dist # 749842,
    Carol Shelley

  25. Grace & Peace,

    Dear Gary Young:

    God bless you, your family and all you have done, and are doing to bring to us these fabulous, precious oils that the Creator of heaven and earth has given to us.

    My dear good friend, anything taken to the extreme becomes error! Being driven to the point of ailment is not God’s will for your life. So please, relax and trust Him to order your steps. Remember that God is still in control!

    Listen to your body and respond to it accordingly. I am sure you would tell us to do the same, yes? We need you to continue to unfold the gift of healing found in the plants that our Heavenly Father has given us; however, Mary and the boys need you more. Remember God is still in control!

    I pray that you planned to relax for as long as your body requires, enjoy your family as they take pleasure in taking care of you. Also remember to tune your heart and mind to the Wisdom of God. He has much to tell you! God loves you and so do I. God bless you, Mary and the boys!


    YL Dist#955109

    PS: Remember Who is control!

  26. I am so sorry you are having this horrible challenge. Any other person would lie down and die…but the one thing we all know as distributors, you have a grand and higher purpose! Your love for us, your devotion to create powerful oils, your knowlege of oils, has been a blessing to the world. We are all so greateful to you and Mary. We love you! A hundred thousand prayers are being offered up for your recovery! Your illness will show the medical world another understanding into the power of essential oils. God bless you! In your illness, you will reflect and come out more powerful, more determined, more filled with desires to give us more oils and greater knowledge. That is why we love you! You are an example to all of us.

  27. Gary~! We are all with you! A hundred thousand prayers are being offered up for you! This company is the best because of you and Mary! It is the best because you insist on the best! No other company has such wonderful drive, such excellent persuits, driven by you! So rest, get well with the oils and then tell the world about your recovery! We must pursue this natural course of healing and teach the world. I wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t have been for the oils and your knowledge. You are so driven for more oils, more plants, more distilleries, more excellence! Thank you! Thank you! Please get well~! WE need you and the world needs your discoveries!


  29. Please know that you and your family are in our prayers. I can’t begin to tell you how much your research and essential oils have helped my family in the last two years.

    God will heal you Gary. Take time now to enjoy your family, the children grow up too fast. What you didn’t learn on your trip, God can reveal to you through his gift of holy spirit. What you need to know He will make known to you.

    Psalms 103:1; Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.
    Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:
    Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;
    Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies;
    Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

    Psalms 107:19; Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble, and he saveth them out of their distresses.
    He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

    1 Peter 2:24; Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

    Isaiah 54:17; No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

  30. Dear Gary and Mary, I am not a supermodel or a CrownDiamond, I joined Yl last February. YL#1131758. After very a bad illness that I experience in 2009, when I forgot about myself and the commandment “Love your brother as you love yourself.” Not more. And for 6 months gave all the time and energy to furnish the project I was doing. I did nothing but work, eat and sleep.
    My body shut down and I got very sick. I was only 49. I did not sleep at all for 6 weeks straight. The Doctors were giving me some pills that were making me feel worse. I prayed to God and bag for help. Fear was overwhelming me. One morning I opened the Bible and read 1 verse from the book of Nehemiah “I will heal you; I will restore your health……” I knew God answered my prayer. I was waiting for a miracle. I meet Kristina Jaworowska. She does healing therapies. She does not have a web-site, she does not advertise herself. People spread the word mouth to mouth and she saves people lives. She helped me. I recover very fast. I went back to school. Study Massage Therapy, became Certified Raindrop Practitioner and about to become LSH. I work with Kristina as her assistant and see daily miracles that she does save peoples lives. Last 6 months she saves 7 people that were in coma, and many from surgery and bad illness. I know Kristina can help Gary to recover quickly. Her contact #is 908-4002826. Her primary language is Polish. You can also contact me at 224-425-0101. I shared with Kristina the information about Gary posted on website. She is waiting for your call.
    If there is anyone else in need is O.K. to give Kristina’s tel# and they can contact her.
    I am not looking for customers I love to help people in need. This is my passion.
    You are Loved
    Josie Koutsostamatis
    JK Helathy Living 4U

  31. Dear Gary and Mary,
    When I heard of your dilemma, I was moved to say “No, nothing can happen to Gary”, “he is needed too much by us and the world”. He must get well and the oils will do it”.
    I realized that you believe in the oils so deeply, that you would push yourself to the limit, to the edge of the envelope not only because you have the faith in the oils but also to demonstrate to others how the oils can pull someone from such a drastically ill position. Another self sacrifice by you for all of us. You also have been warning us about unknown viruses with nothing that the medical profession could help with and then here one is and it was you that had to be the proof. I also believe the oils can have dramatic results intravenously and was so glad to hear that you were using this method. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were hospitals and doctors that would administer that treatment. I thought after your experience in the hospital, that you both would begin to plan to develop a medical treatment facility or facilities that would administer the proper healing care. But I am sure that would be a monumental task to implement and have approved in this country. But it’s a wonderful thought. I am so thankful and grateful for your sacrifice Gary and your and Mary’s love and dedication to helping us all. You are amazing and such a grand example for us. But now that you have done so, please rest and let’s hear about how awesome you have healed due to the blessed Frankincense and Myrrh. However, I bet that both of you are in the lab developing a blend for these unknown viruses. Because that is who you are and that is how much you care and love humankind.
    Thank you again for your devotion and dedication to our health, to us All.

  32. Gary’s stool report
    Helicobacter pylori marker 1.68 ug/ml.

    This could very well be one of the causes of Gary’s illness. I have done some research on this bacteria that screws itself into the stomach lining.
    The latest research I found with causes and cures is with David Hompes
    MSc, BSc Hons, CMTA II, HLC II, Kalish Functional Medicine, FMU


  33. Dear Gary & Mary,

    May the Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord lift His countenance upon you, and give you peace. The Lord make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you.

    With prayers & love,
    Erin & Norm

  34. Gary,

    My thoughts are with you as you struggle with this crazy thing that has come upon you. Life is so fragile and one never knows what is coming down the pike. My father, Cyrus, who you knew so well, and who loved you so much, would tell you to take the time to heal and don’t be too quick to hop out of bed and go back to your regular pace. As you know, my dad never slowed down–he always had ten or more irons in the fire at the same time. It is just a blessing that the car that struck him 19 months ago (May 13, 2009), threw him over the car and then ran over him or he would have been entirely paralyzed and he would have hated that so much. I miss him and talk to him every day.

    It was such a surprise and a joy, after I joined YL as a distributor 8 months after his death to hear his voice 4 months after I joined on the Ningxia Red DVD that I finally got around to watching. YL was so kind to send four DVDs for my mother and my brothers so they, too, could see my dad on that program and hear his voice, see his dimpled, crinkly-eye smile, and cherish you and YL for making that DVD with my dad on it. You touched our hearts deeply by preserving my dad’s memory for us.

    My dad had dysentery that lived in his bowels from eating lamb eyeballs in a Beduin tent back in the late 60’s, early 70’s. When he got run down, the liquid stool would start. Whatever you have may do that to you as well, and you will have to take care of your health so you don’t push yourself as you have in the past in order to keep your body’s equilibrium.

    I am a Reiki Master and will be in Utah 2/11-14, if you would be interested in receiving Reiki Energy. I would be most grateful to be able to share this healing Energy with you. If this is something you’d like to try, have Mary call my mother, Betty McKell, and leave a message for me at her house. I go out periodically to spend time with her since my dad was killed. She now has 24/7 live in care due to her M.S. I can also reiterate what Carol Shelley said about the Bio-Mat. I took one in trade for legal fees (I practice family law and have my own law firm) from a client who sells the Bio-Mats. I have it on my Reiki table in my Reiki Treatment Room (I do Raindrop Technique too!). I can’t tell you how it works, but it is amazing. People reach Delta level of sleep on the Bio-Mat and feel more rested than they have ever experienced when they wake up. It has thousands of gem-grade amethysts in it, which provide amazing natural energy, combined with negative ions and heat, the latter, which has been shown to put cancer into remission. I highly recommend you have Mary get Carol to get you a Bio-Mat (and the Bio-Mat pillow–it looks like it wouldn’t feel good, but it feels great!).

    No matter what, I will send you Reiki by distance and if you are receptive to its healing power, it will go where it is needed in your body. I did this all the way over on the Southwest flight from my home in Washington to SLC, Utah the night my father was in the hospital after the accident. During the two and half hours I had with him before he very peacefully transitioned to the other side (I saw out the corner of my eye and knew his parents were at the foot of his bed in the Trauma ICU and they received him from me at that moment), the doctor told me “they almost lost him during his MRI, but he rallied” and “he had three potentially fatal injuries, any one of which could have killed him at the scene, and the only reason the doctor could figure for his still being alive was that ‘he chose’ to be there” and “he knows you are here–did you see how his blood pressure went up when you and your mother walked into his room?”. At the time he was having the MRI, I was in the air on Southwest drawing Reiki and sending it to him by distance for him to use as he needed. What a blessing to have that little bit of time with him!

    I share this with you because I have tried every which way to tell you what happened to my dad but haven’t thought you knew because you would have contacted my mother if you had, since you and he were close friends, and since I am sure you knew what great joy it gave him to develop the proto-type wolfberry crisp bars and introduce you to Dr. Zhao and the wolfberry.

    Again, I am so sorry you are experiencing this physical struggle. I have come to believe there is no “bad” in this world. Only experiences that teach us things we would not otherwise learn. Our task is to find the lesson and do the learning in the experience. This experience you are having has been created especially for you. There is something here for you to find that is a lesson, a message, a growth stretch—I don’t know–it is yours to discover. I send all my love and best wishes to you and your dear wife, about whom I have heard so much from both my parents.

    With Gratitude,

    Meredith McKell Graff

  35. Hello,

    I want to thank you for acting on your desire to understand creation before man has destroyed it all. I have enjoyed your Books and your talks, they have helped me to understand the Creators love. Oil from Youngliving has helped improve my everyday health, keeping me focused on the quality of life.

    My prayers are for you and your family in health and his will.

    I think to understand we must have struggles and accomplishments.

    P.S. May Creator encourage you in Spirit and in Truth.

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