Frankincense and Enzyme Blueprints

Gary and Mahmoud Suhail
Gary and Dr. Mahmoud Suhail at the Young Living farm and distillery in Salalah, Oman.

The other day Dr. Suhail and I were talking about frankincense, and he asked me if I knew something that I wasn’t telling him, and I said, “Well, I’ll tell you my feeling. Frankincense does not kill abnormal cells.”

He replied, “Well, Gary, I’m seeing the evidence of it every day.”

I told him that what he is seeing is an illusion and that frankincense does not kill anything, because God did not create it to kill. Instead, frankincense digests abnormal cells (breaks them down).

He came up out of his chair and exclaimed, “I knew it; I knew it! Frankincense digests abnormal cells!”

Dr. Edward Close made a similar statement. He said, “Thieves does not kill fungus; Thieves digests fungus.” So, what does it take to digest? Enzymes.

Enzymatic “blueprints” are in every essential oil, so some of the components in an oil will cause the blueprints of the enzymes to direct the traffic. We don’t know if it’s the smaller amounts of boswellic acid or incensole or a combination of the pinenes and the sesquiterpenes that are directing the enzymatic activity of frankincense in targeting abnormal cells. We don’t have the answer yet, but one day we will know.

And so again, are essential oils invaluable to human beings? Absolutely.

3 thoughts on “Frankincense and Enzyme Blueprints

  1. Gary, Thank you. I am so thankful for finding these oils.
    I have a friend whose son in law is dying of cancer, 26 years old, 3 young children…doctors have sent him home to die. I listened to a portion of your cd that talked about how you made a regimen for a woman to help her, I will be recommending frankincense to him. I just want him to use him to even give him 2 more weeks would be worth it!

    Thank you Gary! For caring enough about what God created to give it back to the human race!!

    Dawn Sprunk

  2. Dear Gary, I have been taking Essentialzyme for a couple of years and love it. I can’t take big tablets and loved the capsules. Why did you decide to reformulate and put the blend in such horse pills? Now I am back to looking for a nice blend that contains some hcl.

    Stephanie Rasband

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