Building Your Enzymes “Savings Account”

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Live the vibrant life by building up your enzyme supply!

One of the things about fasting and why I have always been an avid faster is that when you are fasting, you are not depleting your enzymes savings account; and if you are drinking raw juices while you are fasting, you have one-way traffic going in. Therefore, because you have stopped the outgo, you are building up that storage reserve.

For the first 10 days after a juice fast, your digestive system feels clean, you feel light and alive, you feel vibrant, and your energy comes up. That would not be the outcome the first time you fast or if you come off the fast wrong; but if you do it right, that will be how you feel, because you are building up that storage reserve, and that’s what’s important.

We also deal with petrochemicals—aspirin, Tylenol, and ibuprofen—which are inhibitors of enzyme production.

Why do most people take an aspirin? They have a headache. Why do they have a headache? Because they have an enzyme deficiency. What does taking an aspirin do? It stops enzyme production and blocks enzymes from working in your body. Is there something wrong with this picture?

How many people take Tylenol because they have a migraine? Migraine headaches indicate that you have a hormonal problem, a structural problem, an enzyme problem, or all three; so Tylenol, ibuprofen, and aspirin are not the answer for your problem.

3 thoughts on “Building Your Enzymes “Savings Account”

  1. Hi Gary,
    I’ve never written to you before but I have the best and most exciting news to share with you. I attended the Convention at Disney (my first after being a distributor/oil user for 7 years) and took so many notes and gleaned so much information I could hardly wait to get home and start my new “oil warrior” program. I had a malignant tumor on my left eye socket, plus cancer cells growing along my left trigeminal nerve all the way back to my brain stem. WELL, I did have conventional surgery two weeks ago, but here’s where my “oil warrior” self comes in. Pror to surgery and since Convention (9/22-24/11) I’d been oiling the area multiple times a day with the following: helichrysum, frankincense, lavandar, lemongrass, clove wintergreen, patchouli and sandelwood in V-6. One week post-op he was able to remove all but a couple of stiches in my scalp where he’d taken bone from my skull for a graft to make a new eye-socket; second week post op he told me if he had a symposium right now he would take me as an example of awesome healing! (I’m 62 years young!) From having my face fileted open to healed in two weeks!! I am continuing the same routine with the oils post surgery. I told my doctor about YLEO, about the Essesialzymes I’d been taking to keep everything working well and he actually LISTENED!!!! He also noticed I’d gone from 186 pounds back in Sept to 160 pounds and expressed concern. THIS IS THE BEST PART! SLIQUE TEA….I started the challenge (I know you called it off due to the shortage), but I have to tell you, my upline and some of her other distributors ordered the gift sets just to get me the tea and IT HAS WORKED! I even took it to the hospital with me!!! I knew I could win if I could just get the tea. As of today I am 156 pounds …. down 30 lbs since Sunday, Sept 25, 2011….. 6 weeks and 5 days. I just wanted to say thank you for a great product and this wonderful opportunity to grow a business from all of your company’s hard research and work. I wish I could give all those involved with these wonderful oils and the tea a gargantuian HUG! YLEO IS THE BEST & I LOVE YOU ALL!

  2. I agree that headaches are due to deficiencies in your body, but this is not an answer I can help others overcome. If you say fasting is the answer, then where do I go for more info on how to “properly” conduct a fast? You only hint at a solution here.

  3. Aloha, Dr. YOUNG, I first discovered your company, I was so happy and ordered over a thousand dollars of oils..I had a whole collection of it…when I was age 55 doing my apprentice work for massage licensing in Hawaii~this was 17 years ago. did not know the meaning of network marketing and auto ship since then I have been on auto ship non stop for 17 years. I also have been learning a lot about enzymes for the past 10 years~ a friend , Ronald K Schneider who also pioneered the research on plant enzymes. I have a book that I would like to send to you. I have experienced and witness many who are eating foods that are enzyme inhibiting…everything in the process foods seems to have this as part of the ingredient ~ these past few years, I have been watching the Americans consumption of this and become fatter and fatter because they are no longer able to absorb or digest food with this one product. I also know when the food is enzyme inhibitant..I am able to chew on a MACADAMIA NUT..and it melts in my mouth…but then there are some crops I know has been gmo’d and know it as soon as I put it in my mouth because the MACADAMIA NUT no longer is digestible with my saliva, enzyme inhibitant. of course when such products enter my stomach…the acid is produced to help digest it and neutralize the undigestible product and I have a sore stomach or heartburn..auwe!!!! poor children who are fed these products. KNOWING that, I have managed to use essential oils that help to break down the molecules of this undigestible food products and helps to relieve the pain. I hope you will email me for more details. I have found one of the best oils to use, for digesting the “artificial plastic food products” and keep it handy just in case I find myself eating food that most people use today, is indigestible and enzyme inhibitant. Also, raw nuts, are enzyme inhibitant..but as in nature, when we apply warmth and water to the activates the enzymes and allows the plants to grow~ raw nuts is best to de activate the enzyme inhibitors and then dry them, and allow the enzymes to become active and then the process of changing carbon into sugar…begins…making nuts and seeds digestible and sweeter to taste. Most every product in the market are zapped with chemicals and or irradiation treatment as we have here in Hawaii… whatever…destroys the natural enzymes and fruits become flat and tasteless because of the destruction of the natural plant enzymes that is required for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients that are now useless…and garbage to our system..then fungus job is to appear and breakdown the dead organic food that we thing we are eating for regeneration of our cells! cells that are rapidly dying faster than regenerating…this is a sign of aging……auwe!!!!

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