The One Gift

Young Living’s International Grand Convention is fast approaching! I have been on a grand and exciting adventure for the last 15 years doing research and the last two years filming to bring to you the most spectacular and most advanced science on essential oils the world has or will ever witness. Over the past year, the completion of the filming and my studies has taken me into seven different countries. I have traveled through the most wicked, unforgiving, and terrifying wilderness in the world: the Rub al Khali, which stretches over 250,000 square miles with temperatures reaching 131 degrees. The land is infested with deadly black Arabian scorpions, cobras, and flesh-eating camel spiders the size of a Frisbee. These enormous spiders can run up to 26 miles per hour! The wind blows up to 90 miles per hour, creating sandstorms that can bury an oasis or a caravan in less than an hour.

I have walked ancient paths where caravans carried resin from the precious frankincense tree that grows from the limestone rocks, cliffs, and mountain slopes. A scrubby, twisted, deformed tree that lives 10 months of the year without water, yet yields this rich life-giving resin that for 3,000 years commanded a price 5 to 10 times higher than gold. I traveled throughout Africa collecting resins from the many varieties of frankincense, including Kenya, and visited the neglected land of Somalia collecting the carteri and the frereana varieties. This is the only place frankincense grows, unlike stories of it growing in Oman that are not true.

You cannot miss this convention to see the documentary on the truth about frankincense! You’ll learn why it was such an expensive commodity that Nero, the emperor of Roman Empire, wanted to pave the streets with it. This is your opportunity to learn about the different species of frankincense and hear from Arabian experts, PhDs, medical doctors, etc., talk about the latest discoveries for the treatment of disease and how it can build your immune system and protect you. I will be sharing with you all of my experiences and discoveries.

This convention will be unlike any that have come before! For the first time, I will reveal the ancient secrets of the people and how they protected themselves from diseases. I will reveal the actual Frankincense Trail that was traversed by merchants and the caravaners centuries ago. From this information, I bring a gift that will change how we view the healing properties of frankincense and why it was cherished more than gold.

From my heart, I invite you personally to join me this June in Salt Lake City. Take those five days and immerse yourself with memories, friendship, and knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Essentially yours,

D. Gary Young

13 thoughts on “The One Gift

  1. Hi Gary
    Just a note to let you know, I am a new-bee, but thrilled 2 hear from you, my name is Georg. We have a weekly meeting on Thursdays, and one of the people in my group is Mary VanValkenburg. She is absolutely thrilled with just your name, she thinks you are a movie star.

    By the way, Gary, If I May Call You That,

    ” You are a Knight in Shining Armour to All of Us Here in Upstate NY”

    (grandmother of 4)
    Jeffrey Lewis’ Group out of NJ, and wicked proud)

  2. Gary, We will ALL see you at CONVENTION

    Carol Saracini
    Mary VanValkenburgh
    Georg Rachun Robedee
    Ginni Bobar
    Jeffrey Merril

    And everyone else we recruit between now and then.



  3. Hope you will tell your story again that we heard in Toronto! I am still in awe at the power of frankincense and your amazing stories and details of our biblical history! Cannot wait!

  4. I would like to know if there is a distributor in the Winter Haven Fl. that I can contact . thank you Joyce Marvan

  5. Dear Gary,
    My husband and I were deeply awed and touched by your personal healing experience with frankincense that you so kindly shared with all of us in Spokane WA, this January. How inspired we are by the devotion and perseverance you and Mary have demonstrated! We truly look forward to seeing you at Convention 2010. God bless,
    Detlef & Tatjana

  6. Hi Gary,
    New to the world of essential oils, but believe in their potential and am eager to learn more.
    Can’t make it to the convention.
    Wondering if you have, or would consider, offering a video/DVD of the main presentations!???

  7. I am amazed to think that we have had all we need to achieve and maintain good health with us, on this planet, always. Thank You, Gary, for pursuing the development of these substances with integrity, putting quality ahead of making money.

    Smiles’n Laughter,

  8. Bev, there is still time to get your tickets & join us at this years Grand Convention. A CD would NEVER be able to do justice to the experience you would have at Grand Convention. EVERYONE NEEDS to be there. We all make time & spend money on things we feel are important enough… I am hear to tell you that Young Livings Grand Convention is ALWAYS a LIFE CHANGING event.

    Make the decision to just do it!! You will be so happy that you did!! If you need a hotel … email your upline or post it on FACE book. I KNOW that there are other YLEO members that need roomates too~~

    GARY~~ We just love you!! Your conferance call the other day gave us goose bumps!! You are one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. I am, as always, honored to be sharing in your mission…Oils in every home in the world!! Thank you for all the research & the gift of love you put into this amazing company!! You have forever changed my life & I will NEVER stop telling people that they have an option… they can choose life or death!!

  9. The One Gift would be one of the Best Books I have ever read,opened my mind to the world at this time..written with great detail and felt real and daughter Rochelle Judd lent it to me BUT I must have my own…have read hundreds of books and this is one the finest works ever read…God has given you a Gift and Blessed you for using it…Thankyou Gary…Jan Judd

  10. Nice to meet you. I am a Japanese woman who just started to use YL since last August. I am really enjoying YL oils.
    I live in a local town in Japan and it is difficult to join to seminar… but someday I could. My lovely daughter is still 2 years old. I hope I could study with her at that point.
    I would like to read ” The one gift”. May I read it in Japanese soon? To study about the essential oils in foreign country is a dream of the dreams which I have.
    I would like to see smiles of my family, friends, and people who are loved by me.
    Thank you so much for reading!

  11. Gary,

    Will not be at convention, but truly know you are a blessed man. May God always return what you have given to us. Going to buy One Gift since I heard from Liz Skala how wonderful this book is!

    Thank you for all you do.


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