The Many Benefits of Lavender

young living lavender farmsUtah’s I-15 freeway runs parallel to the Young Living lavender fields. So many people simply pull to the side of the freeway and gaze in amazement at the purple beauty stretching across 200 acres.

Lavender harvest time in Mona, Utah, and St. Maries, Idaho, is the perfect time to reflect on all that this fragrant flower gives us.

A 2009 study at the Department of Biosciences of Saurashtra University in Rajkot, India, tested essential oils from palmarosa, evening primrose, ruberose and lavender. The scientists noted that “gram positive bacteria are more susceptible to essential oils than gram negative bacteria.” But lavender and palmarosa oils had a potent effect on gram negative organisms at all concentrations tested.1

Lavender has so many more applications than that! I was told that the August issue of O: The Oprah Magazine has a nice recipe for fighting the stress that surrounds our busy lives:

“Take a whiff of lavender. In 2008 Japanese researchers reported that the aroma reduces stress levels in people forced to do tough math problems. Keep a small bottle of lavender oil or lotion in your purse for when you’re feeling overwhelmed.”2

Like frankincense, lavender has properties that adapt to your body’s needs. This is one essential oil you should always have on hand!

1. MH Lodhia, et al., “Antibacterial Activity of Essential Oils from Palmarosa, Evening Primrose, Lavender and Tuberose,” Indian J. Pharm Sci. 2009 Mar-Apr; 71(2):134-136.

2. “Find Your Best Stress Zone,” O: The Oprah Magazine, August 2010, p. 138.

2 thoughts on “The Many Benefits of Lavender

  1. Young Living Lavender oil is so beautiful without a shape chemical smell. It can be used for everything and a MUST in every kitchen, purse, diaper bag, back pack, bathroom cabinet, etc. What goes in to making our precious Lavender oil is truly a labor of Love and you can feel that Love when the drops touch your skin. God Bless Gary, Mary and the YL team.

    I would like to have Palmerosa back as a single oil in the YL line, Please.

  2. Dear Gary,
    I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate you and all that you do for others….for me. I especially wanted to tell how you much I appreciated you taking the time to come to the back of the auditorium to look at my back. I have just been so excited to see how much that tumor has shrunk over the past 2 weeks since I have been applying sacred frankincense to it several times a day,as you suggested. It is amazing! I can’t wait to let you know when it is completely gone! I so admire all that you are and am so grateful for all that you do for us through Young Living. Just one year ago I was in a critical condition as a result of acute mercury poisoning. I was having 2 ketation IV’s a week and struggling so in between treatments. Six weeks after starting YL oils and raindrop treatments, my doctor told me I no longer needed the treatments. I am so grateful to have renewed health and I love helping others with these wonderful oils! Thank you for all you have given us by bring these oils to us!

    Warmest regards,
    Donna Cappon

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