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I don’t know about you, but I have never in my life found a substance easier to share than the essential oils. Even people say, “Oh, get that stinking stuff away from me!” You know? And the moment they say that? “Boy, you’ve really got a block, don’t you?” There’s an answer for everything! Don’t walk away!

The biggest problem is that the majority of us go at it already with the belief that we’re going to fail. True or false? We go at it—we approach it like: “Oh, I don’t know whether I should do this, but my sponsor’s going to be upset if I don’t talk to somebody this month. Well, I’ll try that person over there.” And you already have got yourself geared for rejection. True or false? Now ask yourself this: If you feel rejection before you sponsor, you feel rejection before you talk, how in the world are you going to teach your people different? You’re not! How are you going to teach someone who also has the same fear how to overcome it?

You have knowledge that can benefit the health and well-being of everyone on this planet. Remember that when you open your mouth! Some people may choose to ignore you, but you can always share the message of Young Living with confidence. Keep that in mind the next time you have the opportunity to change someone’s life with essential oils! And make sure to join me at International Grand Convention in June where there will be workshops and information about Young Living products, sharing opportunities, and growing your business. Convention is one of the greatest opportunities to get the education you need so you can share with confidence!

Essentially Yours,

Gary Young

4 thoughts on “Share with Confidence

  1. I am a bit overwhelmed at where to start with products.
    Would like to be mindful of a budget, but want suggestions of what would be ‘best’ to start with in the essential oils products.
    (Also, looking for a distributer(s) in MN.)
    I’m interested in the general topics of:
    pain relief,
    immune strengthening,
    and anything that might address the multitude of diseases associated with that evil little creature, the TICK!!
    Oh, and I have horses and dogs that I would in time also like to include in a more healthy process of dealing with health-less-ness.
    Interested in your responses!

  2. Hello Bev,

    When I started with Young Living as an Independent Distributor over ten years ago, I too was on a tight budget. The first kit I ordered was the Essential 7 Kit. I still keep going back to those oils! They are some of my favorites and were worth working into my budget. Another great kit would be the Every Day Oils kit.

    In these kits you will find oils that may support the immune system, skeletal system, respiratory system and repelling bugs! For questions you might enjoy going to Do a search and you will find lots of answers!

    Happy Oiling,

  3. In the hopes of sharing our oils and their amazing benefits to as many people as possible, while carrying on in many other busy aspects of my life, I have created a blog at the challenge of my sponsor!
    I have a goal of 100 Followers and I would be tremendously honored if you would become a public follower of my blog!
    I would also enjoy your comments on improving my writing and sharing of the oils information! For we can not grow if we do not continue to learn!
    Many thanks for these oils and their purity. They have meant a world of difference to us as we try to help our son!
    Michelle and Christian Harper

  4. Dear Dr. Young,
    Many thanks to you for the wonderful convention. Your entrance on the steed was joyfully heart thumping! Being my first convention, i felt tremendously enriched during the entire five days.

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