Part 10: Finding Pure Essential Oils

frankincense tree in Oman
Omani frankincense tree

Many people have tried to enter the essential oil market and have no idea about what it takes to produce a pure therapeutic grade essential oil, what to look for in the chemistry profile, or even how to read a GC-MS analytical evaluation. They rely on a broker to tell them whether the essential oils they are buying are pure. You might as well buy from a used-car salesman.

Some companies proudly state that their Boswellia frereana is sourced in Oman. Unfortunately, that is just not true. This species of frankincense grows only in Somalia. In addition, there have been some exaggerated claims of how much boswellic acid or incensole acetate can be found in frereana. The truth is that neither of those compounds is found in frereana at all.

I prefer to back up my statements with peer-reviewed research from the Web site of the National Library of Medicine: A paper on frankincense research is available to you in a downloadable PDF if you click here. This paper will give you real, documented facts on three frankincense varieties: carteri, sacra, and frereana.

I can tell you that Young Living’s Boswellia carteri frankincense comes from East Africa. The Boswellia sacra that we sell as Sacred Frankincense is grown in Oman and distilled in my own distillery in Salalah, Oman. I studied the therapeutic properties of these two varieties of frankincense that are very rich in boswellic acid and incensole acetate and concluded that they offer the most benefits to consumers.

To be continued . . .

2 thoughts on “Part 10: Finding Pure Essential Oils

  1. I have just purchased the boswellia sacra this month and it is very unique. It has helped relieve spinal injury by using the breath technique sent with it. My tail bone (coccyx) released and later I had a fall outside my home and had to redo this. Later the vertebrae above that, three or four sacral released as well. I really enjoy the fragrance as well. It did not feel like Christmas to me yet this year until I used it to help clear my sinus infection possibly due to the spinal disc pressure that I have had for years. Falls, car accident and scoliosis etc. have compressed my spine which has not been relieved enough by years of chiropractic. This stuff has given me more relief then that. This also includes the rain drop oils. I have been experimenting since September with those. They took away the spasms in my upper back from car accident in 1997 plus some ancient older energy related to expressing truth, or expressing in general I have a feeling. Very interesting experiences ongoing and very beautiful frankincense is like the “Holy Spirit” and Valor is “responsibility” in expressing truth in my opinion.

  2. Hi! I once read an article in Science News magazine describing how manganese was nescessary to keep the cushon in the picture fully functional. It was the second time that I read that Mn was essential for proper spinal function. Just like all patients with Carpal Tunnel lack approriate levels of Vitamin B6, research scientists agree that the level of manganese is too low in all back patients. With the right nutrition the immune system can cure anything. The Whole Food Super Supplement and Ningxia Red combo have relieved all back pain and is correcting my scoliosis. I don’t miss 50 years of chiropractic visits much.

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