Corporate Office Transformed

As Young Living gears up for International Grand Convention, the corporate office is buzzing with excitement. Everyone who walks through the door gets a glimpse of what is in store for them in Salt Lake City in June.

Just take a look at corporate’s new look:

Young Living Essential Oils corporate office

As visitors arrive they are transported to the Middle East.

Young Living Essential Oils corporate office

Anyone can take a moment to soak up the scenery.

Young Living Essential Oils corporate office

The entire first floor is decorated to the hilt.

Young Living Essential Oils corporate office

This is just a preview of what attendees can expect at this year’s convention!

Young Living Essential Oils corporate office

We hope you are getting ready to join us for a journey through the Middle Eastern deserts of the Empty Quarter, experience the Frankincense Trail, and discover The One Gift. International Grand Convention 2010 is your opportunity to experience wellness, purpose, and abundance—all in one place. We can’t wait to see you there!

—The Young Living Team

3 thoughts on “Corporate Office Transformed

  1. We are looking forward to going to convention this year. Thank you for all the work and excitement you are putting in to this amazing event!

  2. Our group is getting “Convention Fever” and the decor in the corporate office is increasing our anticipation. When driving home on Saturday, I saw a billboard at 66th S and Van Winkle in SLC extolling the “One Gift”. All of this absolutely increases my excitement.

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