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Share with Confidence

I don’t know about you, but I have never in my life found a substance easier to share than the essential oils. Even people say, “Oh, get that stinking stuff away from me!” You know? And the moment they say that? “Boy, you’ve really got a block, don’t you?” There’s an answer for everything! Don’t walk away!

The biggest problem is that the majority of us go at it already with the belief that we’re going to fail. True or false? We go at it—we approach it like: “Oh, I don’t know whether I should do this, but my sponsor’s going to be upset if I don’t talk to somebody this month. Well, I’ll try that person over there.” And you already have got yourself geared for rejection. True or false? Now ask yourself this: If you feel rejection before you sponsor, you feel rejection before you talk, how in the world are you going to teach your people different? You’re not! How are you going to teach someone who also has the same fear how to overcome it?

You have knowledge that can benefit the health and well-being of everyone on this planet. Remember that when you open your mouth! Some people may choose to ignore you, but you can always share the message of Young Living with confidence. Keep that in mind the next time you have the opportunity to change someone’s life with essential oils! And make sure to join me at International Grand Convention in June where there will be workshops and information about Young Living products, sharing opportunities, and growing your business. Convention is one of the greatest opportunities to get the education you need so you can share with confidence!

Essentially Yours,

Gary Young

The One Gift

Young Living’s International Grand Convention is fast approaching! I have been on a grand and exciting adventure for the last 15 years doing research and the last two years filming to bring to you the most spectacular and most advanced science on essential oils the world has or will ever witness. Over the past year, the completion of the filming and my studies has taken me into seven different countries. I have traveled through the most wicked, unforgiving, and terrifying wilderness in the world: the Rub al Khali, which stretches over 250,000 square miles with temperatures reaching 131 degrees. The land is infested with deadly black Arabian scorpions, cobras, and flesh-eating camel spiders the size of a Frisbee. These enormous spiders can run up to 26 miles per hour! The wind blows up to 90 miles per hour, creating sandstorms that can bury an oasis or a caravan in less than an hour.

I have walked ancient paths where caravans carried resin from the precious frankincense tree that grows from the limestone rocks, cliffs, and mountain slopes. A scrubby, twisted, deformed tree that lives 10 months of the year without water, yet yields this rich life-giving resin that for 3,000 years commanded a price 5 to 10 times higher than gold. I traveled throughout Africa collecting resins from the many varieties of frankincense, including Kenya, and visited the neglected land of Somalia collecting the carteri and the frereana varieties. This is the only place frankincense grows, unlike stories of it growing in Oman that are not true.

You cannot miss this convention to see the documentary on the truth about frankincense! You’ll learn why it was such an expensive commodity that Nero, the emperor of Roman Empire, wanted to pave the streets with it. This is your opportunity to learn about the different species of frankincense and hear from Arabian experts, PhDs, medical doctors, etc., talk about the latest discoveries for the treatment of disease and how it can build your immune system and protect you. I will be sharing with you all of my experiences and discoveries.

This convention will be unlike any that have come before! For the first time, I will reveal the ancient secrets of the people and how they protected themselves from diseases. I will reveal the actual Frankincense Trail that was traversed by merchants and the caravaners centuries ago. From this information, I bring a gift that will change how we view the healing properties of frankincense and why it was cherished more than gold.

From my heart, I invite you personally to join me this June in Salt Lake City. Take those five days and immerse yourself with memories, friendship, and knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Essentially yours,

D. Gary Young

Balsam Fir Experience

We have had so many wonderful letters and e-mails come in regarding distributors’ experiences at the Idaho Balsam Fir Harvest. I wanted to share Mazie Miles’ story and hope you can feel her passion and excitement as much as I did while reading her letter. I can’t wait to see old and new friends at next year’s harvest!

Essentially Yours,

D. Gary Young

How can one describe something that was so profound as my trip to St. Maries farm during the balsam fir harvesting? To be part of Gary Young’s creations is magical unto itself.

Some of my time was spent working long, laborious hours filling up huge tanks with chips, stomping them down, strapping on heavy lids, cleaning up over and over again, and helping to wash Gary’s new semi as well! The work was hard, but it gave me a perspective of all the love and hard work it takes to bring essential oils to the world. Though I was terribly sore for the first day with aches and pains where I never knew I had muscles, I used several different oils and voila, I never after that felt one ounce of muscle soreness for the remainder of the time and used the oils on my shoulders, knees, and lower back. Another testimony to me how wonderful these essential oils are!

The hospitality and care given was filled with love and the home-cooked food was oh so good! At the farm I enjoyed meeting new like-minded people and basking in the energies of knowledge that was so openly shared. Where else could one go to sit side-by-side with Mary and Gary and learn about dreams and accomplishing those dreams which create so much love and life all around the world?

I had the best life-changing moments of my life with two weeks of learning about the oils and being part of harvesting the oils. We are lucky and blessed to have Gary Young as a friend and mentor in our journey to improve our health and the richness of life.

My experience was wonderful!

Thank you Gary and Mary for the experience of a lifetime!

Your Humble Friend,

Mazie Miles

International Grand Convention – Get Ready

Gary Young in the Middle EastFor me, there is nothing more exciting and rewarding than reuniting with members of the Young Living family and sharing unique experiences and our mutual passion for the life-changing benefits of essential oils. That is just one of the many reasons why I am so excited for the upcoming Grand Convention in June!

This year’s convention is going to be unlike any other. I have spent the past year traveling throughout the Middle East, gathering lost knowledge, and conducting groundbreaking research while retracing the historical Frankincense Trail. I have learned secrets of ancient civilizations and am even now preparing to reveal “One Gift” to you. I cannot wait to share my experiences!

In addition to the many surprises I have in store, when you come to convention you’ll benefit from four days of world-class education, product training, and will be among the first to experience Young Living’s newest products.

I hope all of you are gearing up for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Make sure to check here regularly for more updates and information and join me on Facebook as we countdown to convention and you could win free prizes. I want to hear from you!

Essentially Yours,

Gary Young