Journey Along Rio Babanoza, Part III

We learned while on this trip that over the years, many lives have been lost to the revengeful Babanoza. At that moment, my mind was engulfed with the picture of Mary, Jacob, and Josef and all the people I love and all my wonderful friends in Young Living and the responsibilities to countless people. I wondered what I was doing here and would it really be worth it. I reflected back two months earlier when I was in Yemen and thousands of people were in fear for our lives and praying for our safe return. I couldn’t help smiling because in reality, Yemen was a cake walk in comparison to what we were facing.

We were grateful for the insect repellent I made with Palo Santo. It really kept the mosquitoes and botflies off of us. They were big and buzzed around us continually.

As we flew up over the jungle canopy, the grand expanse of the Amazon lay before us in such grandeur that we sat quietly reminiscing with great admiration over the exhilaration of the past few days and a prayer of grateful deliverance. I can’t wait to share my adventures with you all at this year’s convention!

Essentially Yours,

Gary Young

4 thoughts on “Journey Along Rio Babanoza, Part III

  1. Just came across your blog and looking forward ot learn more.
    Also am interesting in speaking with you about a farm I have in Piemonte, Italy….plus some land, which is for sale to the right person….

    Any interest in getting one more piece of land and get it to work? Please let me know. I have lived in Utah for quite a few years…yet last year came across the Young Living Essential Oils through Daniela Enrico, a distributor in Italy, who lives in a small town not far from the farm my grandparents owned. Thieves and Lady Sclareol were my first try. Fantastic products and I have tried a few essential oils brands before. Yours’ the best by far!!


  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Gary! I am so grateful for the work you do and the sacrifices you and your family make for all of us. I’m going to give PaloSano a try here in Missouri as an insect repellant.
    I’m particularly excited now about COPAIBA oil….. it is awesome for pain relief!! I have two wonderful testimonies at this time from people who experienced immediate relief of pain with Copaiba! It was even more effective for them than Deep Relief roll on.
    Again….thank you, thank you, thank you!! See you at Convention!

  3. I am glad you are safe, Gary. I’m also glad for the oil recipes you’ve gifted the world with… Palo Santo is my oil of choice before bed each night for the sake of curved spine. Now I’ll test the Copaiba also. I have some….

    Young Living oils are a constant and forever part of my life (my husband and I together, too).

  4. Could you please share the Palo Santo insect repellent recipe? I have two lovely dogs that I’d like to protect from heartworm.

    Best wishes,

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