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  1. Hi Gary,

    We’re very excited by this video. Looking forward to knowing all your frankincense research activities! Enjoying Your Health Dot Com

  2. i want to know if i can effectively be treated for clinical depression and anxiety (which is under control with traditional medicines – which i am also addicted to) with oils. my mother has been to the clinic in utah as well as my aunt. they both have been cured of cancer. i am so scared to step away from the traditional approach because i’ve been down a very ugly road and don’t ever want to go there again. but, being a certified pharmacy technichian who actually mixed chemo, and who worked in the health reimbursement field for a long time, i know that pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are running this country. i know there is some thing better. please help me. i know that these “medicines” originated somewhere but getting off the ones that i’m on will be a dangerous and scary journey. i look forward to hearing from you.

  3. This post is not intended to be published on the blog, but as a personal plea to Professor Gary Young.

    Dear Gary,

    What a wonderful work you are doing. You can not imagine how grateful I am for what you have done. Thank you so much.

    It was such a privilege to meet you at the YL Convention in Australia last year. I was thrilled when you said you would try to organise things so that Australians could enjoy some of the products that were currently only available in USA. Ever since then, I have been asking YL staff in the USA and Australian offices, when we might see Thyromin available to Australians. YL USA originally responded that there was a problem with Australian import regulations – that the Australian Customs and the TGA would not permit the product into Australia, however I researched the situation, contacting both government departments and was reassured that Thyromin was definitely permitted to be imported to Australia on certain conditions – only 3 months supply per customer and only for personal use. Thyromin is encapsulated also, which was another requirement.

    Currently I have to direct my downline and customers to purchase their Thyromin through my friend in New Zealand as she has agreed to purchase Thyromin through the YL USA office for me. She is a very dear friend and she does this out of the kindness of her heart. She deserves the PV (points) for her efforts, however my Australian downline and I have to pay two international exchange rates, two telegraphic transfer bank fees and two freight charges – and we miss out on the PV points ourselves which would help off-set some of these expenses. Furthermore, we can’t order when we need to do so, but have to wait until my friend puts in her autoship order.

    This system is very messy, time-consuming and much more expensive for Australian customers than it needs to be.

    Gary, will you please look into the matter of whether or not YL USA can at least ship Thyromin to Australian distributors/ customers, even if YL can’t/won’t add Thyromin to our Australian catalogue?

    I am very distressed that YL USA is taking so long in making this important product so difficult for Australians to purchase.

    At no stage have our Thyromin orders been refused entry into Australia via our New Zealand contact, as we are abiding by Australian regulations and only order 3 months supply per person at any one time and we don’t re-sell the product.

    I have a medical condition that has disabled me for 28 years. Thyromin has helped me immensely. No other product comes close to the effectiveness of Thyromin for me. Sadly my son also suffers from a serious medical condition which we’ve been told is incurable. Regardless of conventional medicine’s predictions that my son die at a young age, we have found that with daily Thyromin my son is able to function normally, almost as if there was no problem. However, if our supply of Thyromin is interrupted, my son’s health and my own health deteriorates rapidly. This has just occurred and my son had to be two weeks without his Thyromin, causing him great suffering. Thyromin is vital for us. It’s not an option.

    Professor Young, I know you are man of great integrity. You promised at the Australian Convention that you would try to have more YL USA products made available for Australians. I know you are keeping your word to us, but I ask that you please, please make Thyromin one of those products that you make available to us – even if we can only purchase it without receiving the PV. Would you please ask YL USA to ship Thyromin to us please? Every time we run out of Thyromin, my son and I suffer terribly – and I can’t stand to see my son suffer so much. When I spoke to him yesterday, he was falling into another one of his ‘almost’ comas. He has become comatose on 7 occasions as a baby, but he still becomes ‘almost’ comatose as a 24 year old when the Thyromin order does not arrive on time. He has no spleen, no gallbladder and spherocytosis and from a baby to an 8 year old he had daily antibiotics. Of course he was fully immunised – all before I learned about healthy alternatives. See, I have a responsiblity to try to help him become healthy, since it was my decisions (consenting to conventional medicine) in his childhood that resulted in his body being so injured. I just didn’t know of any other option. He is a beautiful young man, a gifted pianist, and dedicated Christian who loves his Lord. Please help me help my son. You’ve already created the product that can give him a normal life – Thyromin. He just needs to be able to receive it on time.

    Thank you Professor Gary, so much. I hope to be able to meet you again at the convention this year (2009) on the Gold Coast, Qld.

    Blessings from our Father,
    email address sherle.turner@gmail.com ;
    Young Living ID# 856472 ;

    http://www.themeofthebible.com; (articles, forum)
    http://turningpoint.themeofthebible.com(MFC, Kenyan orphanage, Kisii)

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