Part 1 of Disease & Emotion by Gary Young

Gary Young discusses disease and its link to emotion in part one of Disease and Emotion.

I feel impressed to talk about feelings and their connection to disease. Whether you’re working with cancer, arthritis, lupus, AIDS, or any other problem, all of those are associated with emotion.

Now, the big question may never be answered: Do emotions cause disease or does disease cause emotion? If you were to talk to Dr. Bernard Jensen, he would definitely say that disease comes from having a dirty colon—clean your colon and disease will go away. Let me just share Dr. Norman Walker’s theory. He was the man who started raw vegetable juice cleansing. It was a blessing to know him and he certainly was a man who walked his talk and said, “If you drink raw vegetable juices, you will live to a ripe old age!” He was 121 when he passed away.

I also had the opportunity to study under Dr. Paul Brag, his daughter Patricia Brag, Dr. Brauss in Innsburk, Austria, and Dr. Hazel Purcells. I feel that I have had the opportunity to study with the best of the best. We shared a tremendous amount of time together and a great deal of learning regarding the connections between emotion and disease and the importance of cleansing the liver.

In my working and studying with all of these people, a common denominator among all of them was that they also believed that disease originated from emotion. And even though this is not something that we can scientifically pin down and identify without question, everyone feels that way based on their studies.

Let’s look, for example, at what happens when we do have an emotional problem that takes away the zest for life. Take a moment and go into your own feelings of the experience you had of losing a loved one. Whether it be a spouse, child, parent, grandparent—just pay attention to that feeling and close your eyes and get a hold of that feeling. As you get a hold of the feeling, follow it. Follow it to where it connects in your body.

Gary Young teaching

Now for most everyone it grabs you right in the heart. And then it makes your stomach upset. And then come back to the mind—what does it do to the mind? The feeling of despair, absolute despair, puts you in a space to where you just say, “I don’t care anymore.” And those who haven’t lost a loved one, maybe you’ve been through a terrible divorce that you didn’t want.

Now, as you identify with the feeling, pay attention to the mechanics of what happens. First, it grabs the heart; it paralyzes the mind. When it paralyzes the mind, pregnenolone secretion shuts down. When pregnenolone secretion shuts down, so does DHEA, testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. Now, if you say, “Gary, I don’t believe that,” then go back to your feeling and ask yourself, “Did I feel attractive at that time?” Absolutely not because those hormones shut down. Now when those hormones shut down, the immune system shuts down; the digestive system shuts down. So now we can truly go to what Dr. Bernard Jensen said about how disease originates from having a dirty colon.

Continue to follow that feeling. Your insides start to burn. You feel nauseated. You might have even run to the bathroom and vomited because of the sickness that it created in your gut. I know these feelings because I have been through all three: death, divorce, and despair. My baby daughter died in my arms, my father died in my arms, and I’ve been divorced.  I’ve experienced the worst feelings that could be experienced and I know what it’s like to shut down inside. I also know what it’s like to be told that you’ll never walk again and the paralyzing feeling that you feel when you’re already paralyzed, and only if you’ve been there can you understand it.

So when any kind of emotion, any kind of an intense feeling that causes your heart to ache, your brain to paralyze to where you can’t think, and your intestines to burn until you feel like vomiting—this is when you have set up the stage for disease.

Part two of Disease and Emotion from Gary Young will be posted the first week of December. 

7 thoughts on “Part 1 of Disease & Emotion by Gary Young

  1. Gary,

    You write on the cutting edge of disease modification and disease eradication. I feel strongly that your theories (and those of the famous health advocates that you’ve studied under) are right, even though they aren’t proven in the traditional scientific ways. I believe in the truth, whether it can be scientifically proven or not!

    My blog presents many of the things you’ve taught me through Young Living and I continually invite others to join us in our free training program. I’m attracting much attention at

    Your Friend and Supporter,

    Dianne Hansen

  2. Hi Gary,
    I wanted to congratulate you on your appointment to the International Parliament for Safety and Peace. I don’t know how you find the time for everything, but nevertheless, I am honored to be associated with Young Living and all the contributions the company makes around the world.

    YLEO, as you have always taught us, is about service to others – helping ourselves and others to be the best we can be, on all levels of our being. I travel extensively and share the oils and the companie’s philosophies everywhere I go, every opportunity I get.

    One of the things you have reinforced for me, in your move to Ecuador, is that I cannot contribute to my fullest ability if I live in my perfect little world in my perfect little house in my perfect little neighborhood. I have to climb out of my box and be open and willing to help in ways I don’t yet know.

    I am full of gratitude everyday for Young Living and you, Mary, Jacob and Joseph. And, grateful I now have a way to express that gratitude with your blog.

    With love and gratitude,
    Rebecca Reynolds

  3. Greetings Gary and Good Will,

    My passion with the oils first and foremost is as stated above in your emotions and disease post. I learned from you many moons ago this: You need to learn to love and show gratitude for what you are experiencing before you can release them. I love the frequency of rose oil it helped pass and accept the experience of death. I am so grateful for you and having Young Living being part of my life all these years. Really I could not imagine my life with out the scents that you have been directed to and have shared your vast knowledge so that we are able to pass along the information.

    This is the first time that I have ever been on a blog it is quite fascinating. I just shared with all of my group in hope that they will come a board sooner then I. Thank you so much for being there and the work you are doing
    ( from the art world may we all find our creative adventures and remain healthy I do stained glass and cleansing is essential now I am thinking and know with any profession)

    In Love An Light with much Gratitude

  4. Thank you Gary for discussing how emotions can cause disease. Dwelling on negative emotions can be as deadly as drinking poison. Fear for example causes more than 1400 physical and chemical stress reactions and activates more than 30 different hormones and neurotransmitters. As a practicing medical and surgical specialist for over 25 years, I see more and more patients being treated with drugs for stress related problems. The standard response from the medical community is to just take another (toxic) pill or two or three. We are not taught to keep people healthy, only to treat sickness with toxic drugs.

    The heart is the seat of emotions. “It hurts my heart” is not just a idiom; it is a measure of the heart’s capacity to experience emotion. I was taught in medical school that the heart is merely a pump, but a new science called neurocardiology studies the interaction between the heart’s own independent nervous system and the brain – they speak to each other! Actually, this is not so new because the Bible is filled with references to the heart’s capacity to drive our actions and to experience emotions.

    If our minds are filled with the loud clatter of anger, bitterness, guilt, resentment, etc. from a hurting heart, we give ourselves over to the deadly emotions that cause dis-ease. To make things worse, abiding in our negative emotions is as addictive as crack cocaine. When we temper the heart’s capacity to experience negative emotion by having a love relationship with God, our circumstances don’t overwhelm us and we stay healthy.

    Thank you for bringing essential oils into my life and the lives of my family, friends and patients. I have found that using God given plant oils for healing has give me a greater personal satisfaction as a physician than anything that I have done in my entire 25 year medical career.

    May the Lord Bless You and Keep You,

    Dr. Tom Reed

  5. Thank you Gary for your description of disease and emotion. I am finding that working with the oils has helped me enormously in becoming stronger and healthier. As a public schoolteacher, I spend a lot of time with children. As I have gotten healthier, I am becoming more aware of both the health and illness of many of my students.
    I know that there are many wonderful things about American schools. Nevertheless, I pray that some day we will develop the will as a nation to create schools that are healthier and more life-supporting environments for our children.
    I hope I can be a part of this effort.

  6. Hi Gary: It has been a long time since we have talked. I just wanted to let you know that I think you are doing a fantastic job. I am so happy for you, Mary and your children. Ecuador is a great place to be. You have always had such great vision. My life has been changed for the better and greatly blessed by having crossed your path. I just wanted you to know that.

    God Bless,

    Ron and Karen

  7. Dear Gary, I wish to leave you my comments about the relationship of emotion to disease. This is a lengthy subject, so will do my best to keep this brief with an intention to inspire further exploration and study.
    I was born into this life with the ability to see and hear the spiritual world as plainly as the physical world. I began giving spiritual healings to people at the age of 7. At 16 I asked Spirit which University to attend and which degrees to obtain and was told, by a very loud, audible voice…”You are a doctor, however, you will not require those credentials to do your work”.
    To this day, age 42, I’ve been blessed to witness the complete cure of every terminal diagnosis that has come my way, mostly cancers, along with every type of relationship problem and emotional upset. My comments are based on my own personal experiences working with people from many different cultures all over the world, not from anything I’ve read.

    I have seen that the lack of Spiritual (not religious) knowledge is the ‘missing link’ in our approach to healing the body of illness. The Soul (or Spirit) is what gives life to the body at the moment of birth. The Soul communicates with pictures, The body communicates with Emotions!!!!! It is the body’s ‘job’ to create emotions. If/when these emotions do not get released, disease may then develop. In addition to my healing work, I teach people how to ground their bodies and run their own energy through to clear out unwanted/foreign debris.

    Emotions are energy. This is why the frequencies of essential oils will often clear them from the body very quickly. Disease rarely originates from the physical levels and takes much longer to heal/resolve when only approached from the body.
    The body is merely the Temple of the Soul. When one learns to heal the Soul/Spirit then the body heals almost immediately. The soul integrates into and operates the body through ‘chakras’. The second chakra is where the emotions are created from, which is why so many illnesses are believed to be created by toxic bowels.

    I’ve witnessed many ‘cancers’ completely healed in bodies which were not physically toxic, but had foreign and/or emotional energies stuck inside them. Once released, the soul’s energy is then able to freely move about the body and heal it from within. In my experience, this process is instantaneous.

    Your oils and products work because of their frequencies, and until more people learn to work with their own energy, we continue to need and benefit from your work to heal humanity!!!!!
    Much Love and Many Blessings, Connie

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