Gary Young's Trip to China – Ningxia Wolfberry

On September 11–16 2008, Gary Young and Sue Chao, director of the Young Living analytical lab for 14 years, traveled to the home town of the Ningxia wolfberry in Yingchuan, China. They witnessed firsthand the autumn harvest of the wolfberry and inspected the facilities that manufacture NingXia Red® juice.

As Sue Chao explained, “The trip to the Ningxia Province was beautiful. The people greeted us with open arms and heartily welcomed Gary everywhere we went. It was moving to see the people give so much praise and attention to Gary. They appreciated his passion of sharing with the world the health benefits of the wolfberry.”

Gary Young and Sue Chao meeting with officials from the Ningxia Red wolfberry facility
Gary Young and Sue Chao meeting with officials from the Ningxia Red wolfberry facility

At the NingXia Red manufacturing facility, Gary and Sue reviewed the manufacturers’ quality audits and were pleased they passed with flying colors. In continuing with Gary’s unwavering commitment to providing only the most pure ingredients, he has decided to only use the summer harvest of the Ningxia wolfberry.

Sue Chao explains, “We discovered that the summer Ningxia wolfberry crop scores higher on the ORAC scale (a measure that grades the antioxidant level) than the autumn crop. The commitment to providing only the most pure and effective products to Young Living led Gary to make this decision. He also expressed his excitement to return to China in 2009 with his family and witness, for the first time, the full bloom of the wolfberry summer crop.”

Sue recounted a memorable moment at the Zhonging wolfberry market where Gary, after getting permission, laid on a large mound of wolfberries. He warmly expressed, “This was worth the trip!” Those gathered were honored with Gary’s love of the wolfberry and garnered him smiles and a round of applause.

“Gary is truly a pioneer to discover the very healthy products for all people. Eight years ago he went to China to explore the health benefits of the Ningixa wolfberry. He introduced 3000 years of proven Chinese nutritional tradition. His mission (still) is to mix East and West philosophies for healthy living. Not only has he been an ambassador for health but for the two nations of China and America as well” Sue Chao added.

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    Besides his four children, Francis is survived by 18 grandchildren, 33 great-grandchildren and 16 great-great grandchildren.

    Happy New Year to all!!! Karen Schembari

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