Brain Power Essential Oil Blend

Gary Young discusses the Young Living essential oil blend “Brain Power.

I have read through many of the kind comments that have been left on my first blog post. Your kind words are a continuing inspiration to both Mary and I. Due to the volume of comments, it may not be possible for me to write back – I hope you understand. Now onto today’s blog entry!

How many of us feel mentally fatigued and want to give up on our goals? Let’s talk about Brain Power™ essential oil blend from Young Living and how it may help you.

Some feel that Brain Power is just for physical benefits. But if your brain is fatigued, what are the chances of negative feelings creeping in?

Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Melissa, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Australian blue, Cypress, Lavender—these Brain Power essential oil blendessential oils all contain sesqueterpines. Sesqueterpines are C15 carbon chains that do not contain oxygen molecules, but mysteriously pull oxygen in. So wherever sesqueterpines are found, oxygen will always come and attach to it.

When we have an oxygen deficiency in the brain, we will have problems in dealing with day-to-day stresses, making correct decisions and feeling self-motivated. In studies that were conducted at Berlin and Vienna universities, it was determined that breathing sesqueterpine oils increases blood brain oxygen.

So How Does This Apply to You?

Being in your own business means you are your own motivator. Your spouse is not going to wake you up in the morning and say, “Honey, you need to get outside and sponsor ten people before lunch!” You have to be self-made, self-motivated, self-manifested. Brain Power will support your brain in the physical, emotional and spiritual needs to hold you in that space where you can focus and write your agenda for the day.

Now some of you may feel down that you weren’t as successful this week with your personal or business goals—we all fall short at times but pick yourself back up and try and try again. Understand that great accomplishments in the world have been with people who have been told that they would be a failure, they would never go anywhere in life, and never accomplish anything. If you go back and look at Einstein’s beginning years, they laughed at him. They said he was a failure.

What About Kentucky Fried Chicken Owner Colonel Sanders?

You know that man was so down, so low, he was totally bankrupt, never had a dime and was 62 years old—but by the time he was 65 he became a millionaire. When he received his second welfare check in the mailbox he stated, “As I sat there looking at this check, I thought, my life is over. I have nothing to live for. I have lost everything that I had hoped and dreamed for, I’m a total failure.” At that point the Colonel said something switched in his brain.

That switch took place in his brain and he said, “I’m not going to live like this any more. I’m going to be successful. I will find a way to be successful.” And three years later Colonel Saunders was a household word. This tells me that no one needs to expect it to be given to them.

Many times we wait for the absolute bottom to come before our brain kicks in to give us that choice—to accept the situation or change it. Unfortunately for many, they have to be there before it switches. Don’t wait for you to be in that position. You have the tools that others don’t have!

Brain Power Can Help You

Rub it on the back of your neck, put it in your nose and breathe it in. If nothing happens, put some more on. By the third time something will start to happen—your nose will start to burn. You know what the beauty of that is? Something just happened—you had a feeling, and that may be the most alive you’ve been for that whole day.

Rub a little more on the back of your neck. And when it starts to burn and tingle, it’ll lift you. All of a sudden you’ll start feeling a little energized. You’re going to say, “Golly, I feel better”or “Oh, I just had an idea—I know somebody I can call!” It starts the mind processes to fire. But don’t just put it on once and say, “It didn’t do anything for me, I didn’t feel anything.” Put it on the bottom of your feet so it moves you, it lifts you up.

This oil, without question, will open your think tank. How many reading this are using Brain Power and know what I’m saying to be true? Put it in your diffuser and watch it work.

Folks, if you want to move away from limitation—whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual—start doing the things that will aid you.

Share your experiences with the Brain Power oil blend.

Essentially yours,

Gary Young

15 thoughts on “Brain Power Essential Oil Blend

  1. Hi Gary,

    As you may know, my husband, Dave, uses Brain Power with GREAT effects! I wonder if you’ve ever publicly mentioned essential oils being useful for bipolar tendencies?

    That’s what our website is all about: Dave’s management of bipolar disorder using YL essential oils and various dietary changes and his own thought control.

    Have you taken a look at our blog?



    Dianne in Montana
    YL member #605520

  2. Hi Gary!
    I couldn’t agree with you more about Brain Power essential oil blend!

    Recently, I’ve began writing weekly newsletters for my down line and I’m finding Brain Power an invaluable oil for writers block. I put it on the back of my neck (brain stem) and also under my nose. Within minutes of applying Brain Power, I’m able to write about my topic so easily. The right words seem to magically appear! I am always so amazed at the power of this oil blend.

    Much love and gratitude to you!
    Christa McCourt, LMT, HTAP

  3. Glory!

    Awesome information on Brain Power! Thank You Gary for your sharing & caring! I am sending today for “Brain Power!”

    A few years back somone asked me if I had a “blog”

    I thought to myself: “a blog, if I do I’d like to know how to get rid of it” LOL!

    Anyway, Happy to see you blogging with your team! I am going to add your blog link to my blog
    I just figured out my next excellent step; to participate with you on your blog regularly to bless and be blessed! Thanks!

    Take Your Next Excellent Step at and walk among friends!

    After reading your recent blog entries I had a word of knowledge and an excitement that filled my very being;

    This Years Convention is to be Absolutely, Abundantly, Awesome! Lives are going to change! Good is coming! Record Attendence! Greater Enthusiasm! An overall sense of Oneness! Get Ready for a Great Convention! I will be there next September! And the years from there rise up higher and higher! These are the Glory Dayz!

    Thanks again for your faithful service!

    Giving All the Glory to God!

    Big Smiles & Much Love to All
    from Carol Tonne

  4. Hello Gary!

    I am so happy that you are sharing even more of yourself through the magical world of the web!

    I love being part of the synchronicities of life and here is a perfect example – I have been using Brain Power this week in my Imagination Activation of living my life as a Crown Diamond. This oil blend is very powerful and I have been guided to use along with Highest Potential as I create and choose my outcome.

    I am very grateful for living in your now because I am receiving the blessings of your life experience and creations and witnessing you living your outcome gives me momentum to do the same.

    I also have a blog, in which I share some of the learnings I have received about the oils and their effect in our body and our energy. And I also created a web site, to even further detail how these oils can change your life.

    Thank you for sharing your blessings with the world ~ I am ready for even more amazing miracles!

    Love, joy, blessings and miracles,
    Diana Ewald, LMT
    YL Member 534462

  5. First I would like to thank Dr. Young the oils have changed my life and this is only the beginning. I am so excited I actually have the goose bumps talking about it. My daughter had a very traumatic birth and alot of trauma to the head. She met all of her physical milestone but did not speak until the age of 2.5-3.I’ve begun using Brain power on my daughter (she is 6 now) since September 08′ she is said to have ADHD symptoms but really she has an Auditory Processing difficulty which in short she doesn’t always understand what is being said, it gets mixed up in her head and when you don’t understand you don’t listen. Before school she inhales Brain Power, I also apply it to the back of her neck at the brainstem. I apply Vetiver to the bottom of her feet, Lavender she inhales and rubs on her neck and chest. Her teachers say they don’t what’s happening but she is continuing to improve each and everyday. If anyone has any other suggestions I would appreciate it if they have a child with learning disabilites/delays please give it a try. Thank you again Dr.Young for inspiring me to care for my family and friends with essential oils.

  6. Thank you one and all for sharing your wonderful experiences. I haven’t used “brain power” yet but soon hope to. I am looking for a reputible source for vitex to help treat my parkinson’s. Is there such a thing?

  7. Words There are no words to describe my appreciation for the transformation that has occured.Eight years ago I escaped a twentyfive year life of suicide and death.During this journey YoungLiving’s life changing transformational Essential Oils found there way to my way four years ago,this is when my journey of tranformation begins to develop focus,purpose,direction.The Essential 7 and Brain Power Blend were the first YoungLiving Essential Oils I Experienced.Four years getting stronger and stronger,Spiritualy,Physicaly,Intellectualy,and Emotionaly.Learning determination,endurance,tenacity,and finding the Joy of Being Fully Alive.Words and Music,Faith,Certainty.Miracles,God’s Way.4 Years 5 Demo’ There are no more words to describe my appreciation and gratitude.The Vision and Courage of One to keep standing tall when everything is falling.Thank God for YoungLiving Essential Oils and for this Ever Transforming Journey I Now Travel Upon.

  8. Gary, I have a question. With so many people getting joint replacements these days, are there things we need to be aware of when using the oils on them? Can the oils damage the plastic and titanium or steele parts inside their bodies? What about reactions to the Raindrop Technique? Do you have any guidance for us when using the oils on people with joint replacements? Blessings to you and your family

  9. My husband wants to try Brain Power. He is a cancer survivor but one of the side effects of the chemo and/or radiation is brain fog. I will follow up with how this works for him. I love the Clarity, it helps on those days when you need organized thinking. (Everyday!)

  10. Here is a post concerning Brain Power (my me), that I put into my newsleter. I think it confirms what the other poster said about special needs, ADD and the Brain Power.

    I only recently began to use the oils, and the results were remarkable and immediate. Working with a young mentally retarded adult with autism, I used an oil called Brain Power. Within 48 hrs of applying 3-4 drops (x 3x’s)of Brain Power to the back of her head (at the brain stem area), the results were so apparent it compelled others to comment on them. Working outside of her home in a supervised work program for adults with special needs, she is guided and watched over every day. Therefore the staff in charge are very familiar with her habits, her disposition and her level of understanding. A phone call was received from her work supervisor who had no knowledge of the oil application, therefore making her remarks all the more startling. According to the supervisor the young woman had the best day she had experienced since joining the program 9 months prior. The supervisor went on to say the young woman was filled with laughter, and was being proactive with her co-workers. Even more remarkable was the leadership role the young woman took that day, by hosting and teaching other special needs adults how to play a card game. This was a complete turn around for her personality and ability to communicate. Those who are familiar with mental retardation and autism will already know those with these special needs have no investment in the outcome of any experiment, as they live in the “now” not necessarily in future expectations.

    How do I know all of this is indeed a fact? The young woman in question is my youngest daughter. I am living proof, as is she, as to the power of the oils, and the life change they can induce. The change was breath taking, awesome, and miraculous.

    Thank you,

    Tina Michelle –

  11. I use Brain Power for ADD at work. It really works!! Because of that I don’t have to get on medications that would probably cause me to die young of heart disease. Thankful!

  12. Hi Aimee,

    Can you tell me a little more about your story. I have a brain injury and I have to take many medications, it is very complicated. One makes my brain function better but gives me high BP. One makes me sleep but makes me gain weight. There are other meds too but too complicated to write about. I am thinking about Brain Power but will it be effective to help me wein off these other medications, do you think?

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